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Index of Chemical Names, Synonyms and Trade Names

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Note: An asterisk (*) indicates a primary chemical name.


sec-Propylamine 75-31-0 NT8400000 
Saccarose 57-50-1 WN6500000 
Sal ammoniac fume 12125-02-9 BP4550000 
Saturated MDI 5124-30-1 NQ9250000 
Secondary isoamyl alcohol 6032-29-7 SA4900000 
Seekay wax [Tetrachloronaphthalene] 1335-88-2 QK3700000 
Seekay wax [Trichloronalhthalene] 1321-65-9 QK4025000 
Selenium* 7782-49-2 VS7700000 
Selenium alloy 7782-49-2 VS7700000 
Selenium dihydride 7783-07-5 MX1050000 
Selenium fluoride 7783-79-1 VS9450000 
Selenium hexafluoride* 7783-79-1 VS9450000 
Selenium hydride 7783-07-5 MX1050000 
Sesone 136-78-7 KK4900000 
Sevin® 63-25-2 FC5950000 
Sewer gas 7783-06-4 MX1225000 
SFA 62-74-8 AH9100000 
Silane 7803-62-5 VV1400000 
Silica, amorphous* 7631-86-9 VV7310000 
Silica, crystalline (as respirable dust)* 14808-60-7 VV7330000 
Silica gel 7631-86-9 VV7310000 
Silicane 7803-62-5 VV1400000 
Silicon* 7440-21-3 VW0400000 
Silicon carbide* 409-21-2 VW0450000 
Silicon dioxide (amorphous) 7631-86-9 VV7310000 
Silicon monocarbide 409-21-2 VW0450000 
Silicon tetrahydride* 7803-62-5 VV1400000 
Silver graphite 7782-42-5 MD9659600 
Silver metal 7440-22-4 (metal) VW3500000 (metal) 
Silver (metal dust and soluble compounds, as Ag)* 7440-22-4 (metal) VW3500000 (metal) 
Silver nitrate 7440-22-4 (metal) VW3500000 (metal) 
Slag wool  PY8070000 
Slaked lime 1305-62-0 EW2800000 
Soapstone (containing less than 1% quartz)*  VV8780000 
Soapstone silicate  VV8780000 
Soda lye 1310-73-2 WB4900000 
Sodium acid bisulfite 7631-90-5 VZ2000000 
Sodium aluminum fluoride (as F)* 15096-52-3 WA9625000 
Sodium azide* 26628-22-8 VY8050000 
Sodium bisulfite* 7631-90-5 VZ2000000 
Sodium bisulphite 7631-90-5 VZ2000000 
Sodium borate (anhydrous) 1330-43-4 ED4588000 
Sodium borate decahydrate 1303-96-4 VZ2275000 
Sodium borate pentahydrate 12179-04-3 VZ2540000 
Sodium cyanide (as CN)* 143-33-9 VZ7525000 
Sodium fluoride (as F)* 7681-49-4 WB0350000 
Sodium fluoroacetate* 62-74-8 AH9100000 
Sodium hexafluoroaluminate 15096-52-3 WA9625000 
Sodium hydrate 1310-73-2 WB4900000 
Sodium hydrogen sulfite 7631-90-5 VZ2000000 
Sodium hydroxide* 1310-73-2 WB4900000 
Sodium metabisulfite* 7681-57-4 UX8225000 
Sodium metabisulphite 7681-57-4 UX8225000 
Sodium monofluoride 7681-49-4 WB0350000 
Sodium monofluoroacetate 62-74-8 AH9100000 
Sodium pyrophosphate 7722-88-5 UX7350000 
Sodium pyrosulfite 7681-57-4 UX8225000 
Sodium salt of hydrazoic acid 26628-22-8 VY8050000 
Sodium salt of hydrocyanic acid 143-33-9 VZ7525000 
Sodium tetraborate 1330-43-4 ED4588000 
Sodium tetraborate decahydrate 1303-96-4 VZ2275000 
Sodium tetraborate pentahydrate 12179-04-3 VZ2540000 
Soft wood dust  ZC9850000 
Solvent ether 60-29-7 KI5775000 
Sorghum gum 9005-25-8 GM5090000 
Spectracide® 333-41-5 TF3325000 
Spirits of turpentine 8006-64-2 YO8400000 
Spotting naphtha 8052-41-3 WJ8925000 
Stannic dioxide 18282-10-5 XQ4000000 
Stannic oxide 18282-10-5 XQ4000000 
Stannous oxide 21651-19-4 XQ3700000 
Starch* 9005-25-8 GM5090000 
α-Starch 9005-25-8 GM5090000 
Starch gum 9005-25-8 GM5090000 
Steam distilled turpentine 8006-64-2 YO8400000 
Stearyl mercaptan 2885-00-9
Steatite  VV8780000 
Steatite talc 14807-96-6 WW2710000 
Stibine* 7803-52-3 WJ0700000 
Stibium 7440-36-0 CC4025000 
Stoddard solvent* 8052-41-3 WJ8925000 
Stove black 7782-42-5 MD9659600 
Strychnine* 57-24-9 WL2275000 
Strynchnos 57-24-9 WL2275000 
Styrene* 100-42-5 WL3675000 
Styrene monomer 100-42-5 WL3675000 
Styrol 100-42-5 WL3675000 
Subtilisin BPN 1395-21-7 (BPN)
9014-01-1 (Carlsburg)
CO9450000 (BPN) 
CO9550000 (Carlsburg) 
Subtilisin Carlsburg 1395-21-7 (BPN)
9014-01-1 (Carlsburg)
CO9450000 (BPN) 
CO9550000 (Carlsburg) 
Subtilisins* 1395-21-7 (BPN)
9014-01-1 (Carlsburg)
CO9450000 (BPN) 
CO9550000 (Carlsburg) 
Succinic dinitrile 110-61-2 WN3850000 
Succinonitrile* 110-61-2 WN3850000 
Sucrose* 57-50-1 WN6500000 
Sugar 57-50-1 WN6500000 
Sulfamate 7773-06-0 WO6125000 
Sulfate wood turpentine 8006-64-2 YO8400000 
Sulfinyl chloride 7719-09-7 XM5150000 
Sulfotep 3689-24-5 XN4375000 
Sulfur chloride 10025-67-9 WS4300000 
Sulfur chloride oxide 7719-09-7 XM5150000 
Sulfur decafluoride 5714-22-7 WS4480000 
Sulfur difluoride dioxide 2699-79-8 WT5075000 
Sulfur dioxide* 7446-09-5 WS4550000 
Sulfur fluoride 2551-62-4 WS4900000 
Sulfur hexafluoride* 2551-62-4 WS4900000 
Sulfur monochloride* 10025-67-9 WS4300000 
Sulfur oxide 7446-09-5 WS4550000 
Sulfur pentafluoride* 5714-22-7 WS4480000 
Sulfur phosphide 1314-80-3 TH4375000 
Sulfur subchloride 10025-67-9 WS4300000 
Sulfur tetrafluoride* 7783-60-0 WT4800000 
Sulfuretted hydrogen 7783-06-4 MX1225000 
Sulfuric acid* 7664-93-9 WS5600000 
Sulfuric acid (aqueous) 7664-93-9 WS5600000 
Sulfurous acid anhydride 7446-09-5 WS4550000 
Sulfurous dichloride 7719-09-7 XM5150000 
Sulfurous oxide 7446-09-5 WS4550000 
Sulfurous oxychloride 7719-09-7 XM5150000 
Sulfuryl fluoride* 2699-79-8 WT5075000 
Sulprofos* 35400-43-2 TE4165000 
Symmetrical tetrabromoethane 79-27-6 KI8225000 
Symmetrical tetrachloroethane 79-34-5 KI8575000 
Symmetrical trimethylbenzene 108-67-8 OX6825000 
Synthetic camphor 76-22-2 EX1225000 
Synthetic vitreous fibers  PY8070000 
Systox® 8065-48-3 TF3150000 
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