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Index of Chemical Names, Synonyms and Trade Names

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Note: An asterisk (*) indicates a primary chemical name.


ortho-Chlorostyrene 2039-87-4 WL4160000 
ortho-Dichlorobenzene 95-50-1 CZ4500000 
OCBM 2698-41-1 OO3675000 
Octacarbonyldicobalt 10210-68-1 GG0300000 
Octachlorocamphene 8001-35-2 XW5250000 
Octachloronaphthalene* 2234-13-1 QK0250000 
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-Octachloronaphthalene 2234-13-1 QK0250000 
1,2,4,5,6,7,8,8-Octachloro-3a,4,7,7a-tetrahydro-4,7-methanoindane 57-74-9 PB9800000 
1-Octadecanethiol* 2885-00-9
Octadecyl mercaptan 2885-00-9
Octalene 309-00-2 IO2100000 
Octane* 111-65-9 RG8400000 
n-Octane 111-65-9 RG8400000 
normal-Octane 111-65-9 RG8400000 
1-Octanethiol* 111-88-6
n-Octyl mercaptan 111-88-6
Octyl phthalate 117-81-7 TI0350000 
Octylthiol 111-88-6
1-Octylthiol 111-88-6
Oil mist (mineral)* 8012-95-1 PY8030000 
Oil of mirbane 98-95-3 DA6475000 
Oil of vitriol 7664-93-9 WS5600000 
Onion oil 2179-59-1 JO0350000 
Orthophosphoric acid 7664-38-2 TB6300000 
Osmic acid anhydride 20816-12-0 RN1140000 
Osmium oxide 20816-12-0 RN1140000 
Osmium tetroxide* 20816-12-0 RN1140000 
Oxalic acid* 144-62-7 RO2450000 
Oxalic acid (aqueous) 144-62-7 RO2450000 
Oxalic acid dihydrate 144-62-7 RO2450000 
Oxalonitrile 460-19-5 GT1925000 
2-Oxetanone 57-57-8 RQ7350000 
Oxirane 75-21-8 KX2450000 
2-Oxohexamethyleneimine 105-60-2 CM3675000 
Oxooctyl alcohol 26952-21-6 NS7700000 
Oxybis(chloromethane) 542-88-1 KN1575000 
2,2'-Oxybis(N,N-dimethyl ethylamine) 3033-62-3 KR9460000 
Oxygen difluoride* 7783-41-7 RS2100000 
Oxygen fluoride 7783-41-7 RS2100000 
Ozone* 10028-15-6 RS8225000 
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