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Index of Chemical Names, Synonyms and Trade Names: Z

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Note: An asterisk (*) indicates a primary chemical name.

Zinc chloride fume *7646-85-7ZH1400000
Zinc chromate1333-82-0 (CrO3)GB6650000 (CrO3)
Zinc dichloride fume7646-85-7ZH1400000
Zinc distearate557-05-1ZH5200000
Zinc oxide *1314-13-2ZH4810000
Zinc peroxide1314-13-2ZH4810000
Zinc salt of stearic acid557-05-1ZH5200000
Zinc stearate *557-05-1ZH5200000
Zirconium7440-67-7 (Metal)ZH7070000 (Metal)
Zirconium compounds (as Zr) *7440-67-7 (Metal)ZH7070000 (Metal)
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