For Educating Your Adult Patients

Medscape Education
Medscape video; Dr. Kathleen Dooling

CDC Expert Commentary: Everything You Need to Know About Shingrix
Dr. Kathleen Dooling discusses storage, administration, and patient counseling for the new shingles vaccine


Medscape: How to Give a Strong Recommendation to Adult Patients Who Require Vaccination

How to Give a Strong Recommendation to Adult Patients Who Require Vaccination
Module including video presentation of 3 case examples of evidence-based strategies and tips on strengthening vaccine recommendations with information that can help patients make informed decisions.


video; Raymond A. Strikas, MD, MPH discusses vaccination guidelines for adults with chronic diseases

The Power to Protect: Vaccination Guidelines for Adults with Chronic Diseases
Dr. Ray Strikas provides information to help healthcare providers navigate vaccination guidelines and shares key insights for adult patients, specifically those with chronic diseases.

Every year tens of thousands of adults needlessly suffer, are hospitalized, and even die as a result of diseases that could be prevented by vaccines.

While adults believe immunization is important, a recent national survey showed that most adults are not aware that they need vaccines throughout their lives to protect against diseases like shingles, pertussis, and hepatitis.

Patients trust you to give them the best advice on how to protect their health. Use the resources below to educate your patients on recommended vaccines and help them make informed decisions about vaccinations.

Resources for Adult Patients
Disease-specific Resources

Find resources from CDC and other organizations that can be used to educate your patients on these specific vaccine-preventable diseases.

Vaccine-specific Resources
Fact sheets

Review factsheets with information on how to help address common questions about adult vaccines.