Success Framework for Adult Immunization Partner Networks

Partnership management lifecycle

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CDC provided funding and support to the 64 Immunization Awardees as they worked in their jurisdictions to increase vaccine confidence, access, and equity in COVID-19 for adults. Developing partnerships with local and community-based organizations has been critical to these efforts and will remain critical to improving equitable vaccination coverage for all recommended adult vaccines.

To support the development and sustainability of these partnerships, CDC developed the Success Framework for Adult Immunization Partner Networks – a resource for jurisdictions to build the robust partnership networks needed to expand operational capacity, improve routine adult vaccination coverage, and reduce longstanding disparities in adult vaccination rates. This resource includes key phases, recommended actions, and additional tools that can help jurisdictions in bridging, strengthening, and sustaining a network of partners that will be critical to equitable adult vaccination coverage.

What Is the Success Framework?

  • Question-based guide to support establishing, managing, and sustaining partner networks.
  • Can help guide jurisdictions in evolving new and/or existing adult immunization partnerships into an organized and collaborative network through questions and recommended actions to: build on strengths, identify and address gaps, and support ways to sustain partnerships
  • Can also support strategic planning, development of new partners, cooperative agreement application development, or routine program management, among other uses.
  • Meant to be used by jurisdictions at any level of maturity, as users can focus on components of the framework that are most aligned to their current needs.
  • Intended as a set of guidelines, not a set of rules.

What’s Included in the Framework & Where Do I Start?

These optional materials can be used in coordination with stakeholders and/or partners to determine current progress and strengths, understand potential gaps or areas for improvement, and identify steps to begin addressing gaps and enhance the maturity of the partner network.

Success Framework [24 pages]

The summary of the Success Framework is the best place to start to understand the framework and how to use it. Users can specifically start with the questions and recommended actions in Phase A to assess your partner network and explore areas for improvement.

Success Framework Checklist [1 page]

The Success Framework Checklist provides a way to assess, document, and track what recommended actions within the Success Framework would be of most benefit to apply to your jurisdiction and partner network.

Success Framework Action Plan [19 pages]

The Success Framework Action Plan is a worksheet-style resource that can be used to review recommended actions, plan for next steps, and track implementation for each phase of the Success Framework.

Success Framework In Action

The Success Framework is already being used by a number of immunization programs to better define and improve their adult partnership network efforts. Here are 3 examples of immunization programs who used this resource, highlighting each programs unique approach to using the framework and adapting to their individual program needs.

Case Study: Connecticut Diversifying Partners within an Immunization Coalition2 [2 pages]

Using the framework to solicit advice and expand their partner network, Connecticut is working towards increasing the diversity of their coalition partners, in pursuit of helping to connect about 1,200 COVID-19 pharmacies and clinics with existing and new coalition members.

Case Study: Washington Convening Partners for Effective Collaboration [2 pages]

Washington implemented a train-the-trainer approach to enhance internal partner collaboration on mobile vaccination efforts – including defining partner visions, goals, and opportunities for increased data sharing — to improve their collective mobile vaccination services to Washington’s communities that are medically underserved.

Case Study: Philadelphia Engaging Partners to Improve Hepatitis B Vaccine Coverage [2 pages]

Philadelphia developed a new partnership to set up clinics in previously hard-to-reach communities, including African and Caribbean immigrant populations — vaccinating people against both Hepatitis B and COVID-19 – and to conduct Hepatitis B vaccination outreach at shelters for people experiencing homelessness.

Screenshot of the Success Framework for Adult Immuziation

The Adult Partnership Success Framework: An Introduction and Overview

In this webinar, CDC and jurisdiction representatives share what the framework is, how to use it, and how it has already been used to strengthen partnerships to bolster adult vaccination coverage. Watch the video to hear representatives from Connecticut, Philadelphia, and Washington share their best practices for using the framework and how using it enabled them to grow their work in advancing adult vaccination coverage and health equity in coordination with partners.

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