NIIW 2013 Activities around the World

February 8, 2013: Content on this page kept for historical reasons.

State and Territorial Activities

2013 NIIW State and Territorial Activities

Anchorage, AK

Date/Time: April 22 – 26

Activity: Alaska Public Health Centers Waive Immunization Administration Fee

Description: The sliding service fee for immunization administration is waived during NIIW at Alaska Public Health Centers statewide for eligible children and adults. Media announcements and press release resulted in radio interviews, multiple TV channel news stories, print media articles and event calendar postings across the state promoting immunization. Facebook and Twitter campaigns during NIIW also featured the importance of vaccination.

Contact: Doreen Stangel, Alaska Division of Public Health, 907-269-8013,, or visit

Flagstaff, AZ

Date/Time: April 20 – 27

Activity: Article in Local Newspaper

Description: Sometime during the week of NIIW, an article promoting awareness of childhood immunizations will be featured in a local newspaper.

Contact: Diana Rolland, Flagstaff Medical Center, at 928-214-3515, , or visit

Laguna Niguel, CA

Date/Time: April 29, 4:45 – 6 pm

Activity: Presentation about Shot@Life Campaign at Mom 2.0 Summit

Description: Every Child By Two(ECBT) is a partner of the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign. Over one year the organizations have worked together to educate, connect and empower Americans to champion vaccines as one of the most cost-effective ways to save the lives of children in developing countries.  For World Immunization Week, Every Child By Two and the Shot@Life campaign staff have arranged for actress Amanda Peet, ECBT’s Vaccine Ambassador to Shot@Life, to speak along with polio survivor and Paralympian Dennis Ogbe at the Mom 2.0 Summit on May 3rd in Laguna Niguel, CA. (The Mom 2.0 Summit is a premier professional conference for influential mom bloggers and female entrepreneurs who create online content. It will bring together highly influential, top-tier social media moms and women entrepreneurs in food, parenting, entertainment, politics, technology, social change, business, travel, design, and home.) Shot@Life’s goal at the Mom 2.0 Summit is to engage and recruit new bloggers and campaign champions that will work across the country to help us reach the overall campaign goals.

Contact: Jennifer Zavolinsky, ECBT, at 202-783-7034,, or visit

Hartford, CT

Date/Time: April 23, 2013

Activity: Immunization Champion Award Ceremony

Description: Connecticut’s Immunization Champion for 2013 will be honored at a ceremony with her peers to showcase and recognize her hard work and dedication toward the advancement of the statewide immunization registry and the increase of childhood immunization rates statewide.

Contact: Carolann Kapur at 860-509-7732,, or visit

New Britain, CT

Date/Time: April 30, 5:30 pm

Activity: Immunization Records Night with the New Britain Rock Cats

Description: The New Britain Immunization Program and the New Britain Rock Cats Minor League Baseball Team have partnered to promote children’s health. Stadium visitors can have their children’s immunization records reviewed and will receive a free ticket to the game. A local pediatrician will throw out the first pitch in honor of the event. An immunization information table will be set up with educational materials. New Britain Stadium is located at 230 John Karbonic Way, New Britain, CT 06051

Contact: Ramona Anderson, New Britain Health Department, 860-612-2777 or

Norwalk, CT

Date/Time: April 24, 10:00 am – Noon

Activity: Celebrating Families and New Babies

Description: A baby shower hosted by the Weston, CT Women’s League and Family and Children’s Agency (FCA) of Norwalk will be given for the parents enrolled in the Agency’s programs entitled Healthy Start, Mom’s Project, and Nurturing Families Network. The shower will be held at Norwalk City Hall. Norwalk Immunization Action Plan (IAP) staff will give an English-Spanish presentation to the attendees on the importance of immunization, the CT Immunization Registry and Tracking System (CIRTS) and share tips on how to keep children up-to-date with their vaccinations. The participants will receive gift bags filled with immunization and CIRTS information, parent-friendly immunization booklets and baby gift items.

Contact: Pam Bates, Norwalk Health Department, at 203-854-7728,, or visit

Norwalk, CT

Date/Time: April 26, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Activity: A Baby Shower of Information

Description: A Shower of Information will be held all day at the Norwalk Health Dept. Parents and caregivers are invited to stop by to receive information about childhood vaccinations, breastfeeding, and lead poisoning prevention. The event is sponsored by the Norwalk Health Dept., the Norwalk Immunization Action Plan Program, and WIC. It is free of charge and open to the public. Refreshments and giveaways will be provided.

Contact: Pam Bates, Norwalk Health Department at 203-854-7728,, or visit

West Haven, CT

Date/Time: April 19

Activity: Hamden Spring Kid Fest

Description: An Infant Immunizations Educational Table will be held at the Hamden Spring Kid Fest. All Hamden residents with children 5 years or younger are invited to join the West Haven Area Immunization Coordinator during Hamden’s Kid Fest at the Keefe Center. Parents and caregivers can bring their child’s immunization history to check if they are up to date with their vaccinations while having fun celebrating “The Week of the Young Child,” which coincides with kicking off National Infant Immunization Week!

Contact: Christine DePierro-Gacek, West Haven Immunization Action Plan Program, at (203) 937-3660,, or visit

Chicago, IL

Date/Time: April 15 and 16, 9 am – 12:30 pm, at Access Community Health Network and TCA Health Center; April 20, 9 am -12:30 pm, at YWCA Patterson and McDaniel Center

Activity: Community Immunization Education Toolkit Training

Description: Illinois Maternal & Child Health Coalition will facilitate a training using the Community Immunization Education Toolkit. Training will be offered at Access Community Health Network and TCA Health Center as well as at the YWCA Patterson and McDaniel Center in DuPage County. Participants will learn the following key topics: What is a vaccine preventable disease? What are the five key immunization messages? What do vaccine preventable diseases look like? How to give an excellent presentation?

Contact: Sheila Sanders, Illinois Maternal & Child Health Coalition, at 312-491-8161,, or visit

Frankfort, KY

Date/Time: April 23-25, 8 am – 4:30 pm

Activity: Snacks, Immunization Information, and Tdap Offering

Description: During clinic that week, the Franklin County Health Department will offer healthy snacks along with information on infant/childhood/adult immunizations. They will also be offering Tdap, Twinrix, Hep A, Hep B, and all infant/child immunizations to those that qualify. At Access Soup Kitchen, Tdap will be offered to homeless individuals.

Contact: Vicky L. Poplin, Franklin County Health Department, at 502-564-7647,, or visit

St. Paul, MN

Date/Time: April 23

Activity: Connecting with Pregnant Women and New Parents

Description: The Minnesota Department of Health Immunization Program will have representatives from CDC in town during NIIW. MDH Immunization Program staff along with our guests from CDC will meet with the parents who are organizing a parent coalition for childhood immunization. This meeting will allow the parent coalition organizers to meet with CDC experts and talk about successes and challenges as they work to get this new coalition started. The MDH Immunization Program is also partnering with a local parenting center to put on a special presentation for pregnant women and new parents about immunizations. The parenting center offers birthing and parenting classes, and has scheduled a special session that parents can register for featuring our guests from CDC and a local pediatrician who will talk about immunizations and answer questions from parents. We will also try to solicit questions for our experts via social media during the event.

Contact: Andrea Ahneman, Minnesota Department of Health,, or visit

St. Paul, MN

Date/Time: April 23

Activity: NIIW Media Outreach

Description: The Minnesota Department of Health will have representatives from CDC in town during NIIW. We have scheduled two media appearances for them on morning news programs. One will be in Duluth, MN and the other will be in Minneapolis, MN. Dr. Melinda Wharton and Dr. Kris Sheedy from CDC will talk about our NIIW activities planned for the week and the importance of infant immunization. We are also partnering with the Essentia Health-Duluth Clinic to plan a media event. This event will feature our guests from CDC, the Minnesota Commissioner of Health, a pediatrician from the Essentia Clinic and local parents.

Contact: Andrea Ahneman, Minnesota Department of Health,, or visit

St. Paul, MN

Date/Time: April 23

Activity: Outreach to Health Care Providers

Description: The Minnesota Department of Health’s (MDH) Immunization Program will be working with a variety of partners during NIIW to provide outreach to health care professionals. There will be two Grand Round events, one held at the University of Minnesota’s Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and another at Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC). There will also be a presentation given at St. Lukes Hospital in Duluth. These presentations will cover topics such as infant immunization and reaching pregnant women and parents with immunization messages. Presenters at these events include local health care providers and Kristin Sheedy, Ph.D. and Melinda Wharton, M.D., M.P.H, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition, a provider toolkit was developed and posted on MDH’s website. The toolkit includes key messages and talking points regarding immunizing pregnant women and infants, a listing of suggested NIIW activities, and a media release template, and images that could be used for clinic waiting room monitors.

Contact: Andrea Ahneman, Minnesota Department of Health,, or visit

St. Paul, MN

Date/Time: April 23, 2 – 3 pm

Activity: NIIW Webinar with Local Public Health

Description: The Minnesota Department of Health is inviting local public health staff to participate in a webinar featuring speakers from CDC as part of National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW). National immunization experts, Dr. Melinda Wharton and Dr. Kris Sheedy from CDC, will be in Minnesota for NIIW. This webinar will be a special opportunity for local public health to get the latest and greatest information on infant immunizations, immunizations for pregnant women, new recommendations (e.g., Tdap at every pregnancy), how to talk to parents about vaccines, and more. The Minnesota Department of Health also encourages local public health staff to use the National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW) Toolkit which includes resources like key messages, talking points, activity ideas, and images for clinic waiting rooms. This toolkit is available at

Contact: Elizabeth Parilla, Minnesota Department of Health, at 651-201-5532,, or visit

Bozeman, MT

Date/Time: April 27, 9 am – 1 pm

Activity: National Infant Immunization/Adult Wellness Day

Description: Gallatin City-County Health Department will offer children’s routine recommended immunizations. For adults, the tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis combination vaccine (Tdap) will be available. If you have insurance that pays for vaccines, please bring your insurance card. Children and adults with no insurance or whose insurance does not pay for vaccines will pay nothing on this day. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment at (406) 582-3100. Additionally, Community Care Connect will offer adult preventive health screenings at no cost. These screenings include breast and colon cancer, heart, stroke, obesity, diabetes, and blood tests for comprehensive metabolic panel and complete blood count. No fasting or appointment is necessary. If you have questions regarding these health screenings, call (406) 522-1644.

Contact: Tami Cavanaugh, Gallatin City-County Health Department, 406-582-3100,, or visit

Las Vegas, NV

Date/Time: Saturday, April 20, 7 – 10 am

Activity: Immunization Education Breakfast

Description: The Southern Nevada Immunization & Health Coalition (SNIHC) invites Vaccines for Children (VFC) and Licensed Childcare Providers to attend a breakfast presentation. Topics will include changes to the 2013 immunization schedule, current recommendations voted on by ACIP, and local implications for providers. This program has been approved for 2 childcare training hours from The Nevada Registry and 2 nursing contact hours by St. Rose Dominican Hospital’s Education Department.

Contact: JoAnn Rupiper, RN, Southern Nevada Health District,, or visit

Las Vegas, NV

Date/Time: April 20, 10 am – 3 pm

Activity: Passport to Immunizations

Description: No cost immunizations will be offered for children 0-3 years of age. The event will also feature free dental/vision screenings, well baby exams, family resources, and activities for children. Children will stamp their “passport” with each activity and get a free photo with Star Wars characters.

Contact: JoAnn Rupiper, Southern Nevada Health District, at 702-759-0815,, or visit

Las Vegas, NV

Date/Time: April 23 – 26 at various times

Activity: WIC Immunization Day for Children

Description: No-cost immunizations will be offered for VFC-eligible children at several locations. Visit for details. Please bring your child’s shot records.

Contact: Elizabeth Arbogast, or visit

Las Vegas, NV

Date/Time: April 24, 10 am – 2 pm

Activity: Mad Hatter’s Wonderland of Health

Description: Join us in celebrating Nevada Infant Immunization Week in the Healing Garden with a Wonderland of safety resources & fun! Follow the white rabbit to no cost immunizations, hearing & vision screenings, dental fluoride varnish, car seat safety checks, breastfeeding information, demonstrations with the dietician, and a Mad Hatter crazy hat contest! Visit the Wonderland in the Healing Garden, St. Rose Dominican Hospitals – San Martin Campus, 8280 W. Warm Springs Road.

Contact: Stacey Gross, Health Educator, Southern Nevada Immunization & Health Coalition, at 702-616-4913,, or visit

Las Vegas, NV

Date/Time: April 27, 10 am – 3 pm

Activity: El Dia del Nino

Description: Join us at the Springs Preserve to honor children and celebrate childhood with our fourth annual El Dia del Nino event. Celebrated worldwide at various times throughout the year, notably in countries such as Mexico, Dia del Nino is all about the little ones. We’ll be offering hours of fun for children of all ages, including clowns and magicians, dancing and singing groups, interactive games, traditional Mexican food and drink, hands-on arts and crafts and much more.No-cost immunizations for VFC-eligible children; visit for details. Please bring your child’s shot records.

Contact: Elizabeth Arbogast,, or visit

Concord, NH

Date/Time: April 20 – 27

Activity: National Infant Immunization Week Promotion

Description: The New Hampshire Immunization Program (NHIP) is scheduled to exhibit at nine different events in the month of April to emphasize the importance of immunizing children. The targeted audiences include health care providers, child care providers, and the general population. In addition, NHIP will be placing articles in association newsletters heightening the awareness of immunizations and publicly recognizing NH’s 2013 Childhood Immunization Champion.

Contact: Karen Blizzard-Royce at 603-271-5041, , or visit

West Milford, NJ

Date/Time: May 2, 3 – 5 pm

Activity: Child Health Immunization Clinic

Description: Vaccine education and administration will be provided to all children and adults. A proclamation will be given by the Mayor and Town Counsel.

Contact: Bobbie Del Sol, RN BSN, and Paula Edelstein, RN BSN, West Milford Health Department, at 973-728-2725,, or visit

Binghamton, NY

Date/Time: April 2

Activity: Distributions and Mailings

Description: Educational packets were distributed to the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program Director for distribution to clients. The Maternal Child Health and Development Director was also given educational packets for distribution to clients. Finally, the Community Free Clinic was given packets, for a total of 50 packets. The waiting area of the Health Department has a table set up with a poster board encouraging everyone to be immunized. There is also educational material on the table explaining different diseases that can be spread without immunizations. Pediatrician offices and daycare centers were mailed packets with National Infant Immunization Week literature and infant immunization information included.

Contact: Theresa Infantine, Broome County Health Department, at 607-778-2855, , or visit

Bellefontaine, OH

Date/Time: April 20, 9:00 am

Activity: 5K Walk – Walking for Health

Description: 5K Walk at Southview Park, County Road 11, kicks off Public Health and Immunization Week with a Mardi Gras theme. Walkers will receive beads for every lap they complete.

Contact: Cathy Summers at 937-651-6186 or

Columbus, OH

Date/Time: April 15 – 26

Activity: Promoting Infant Immunization

Description: Checking records at several day cares. Immunization presentation to be given to the day care centers. Balloons, information and gifts for the infant will be available in the lobby of Columbus Public Health all week.

Contact: Denice Abbot, RN, Columbus Public Health, at 614-645-7559,, or visit

Stow, OH

Date/Time: April 22 – 26

Activity: Vaccine Information Table at WIC Clinic Sites

Description: A vaccine information table will be at all WIC clinic sites throughout the week. Parents who complete a survey at the table will have the opportunity to win a basket filled with infant and mom supplies, and educational materials.

Contact: Wendy Brolly, Summit County Public Health, at 330-812-3914,, or visit

Norman, OK

Date/Time: April 23, 12:00 pm

Activity: Vaccines: Just the Facts

Description: Dr. Paul Darden of OUHSC, Dr. Thomas Kuhls of Norman Pediatric Associates, Dr. Brian Ellis of Fox & Fields, Tom Hibben of Adventures in Aspergers, and Kristen Russell, RN of the Cleveland County Health Department will be leading a panel discussion on how to talk to parents about vaccines. Lunch will be provided; RSVP is encouraged.

Contact: Megan Scott, Cleveland County Immunization Coalition, at 405-579-2252,, or visit

Poteau, OK

Date/Time: April 20 – 27

Activity: National Infant Immunization Week Packets

Description: Packets of immunization information for parents and immunization coloring books and sheets for kids will be placed in the grocery bags of people with small children in three grocery stores during National Infant Immunization Week; one grocery store in each of these three counties: LeFlore, Haskell, and Latimer. Additionally, each grocery store will receive a Certificate of Appreciation to display in the store. All Vaccines for Children providers in these counties and the county of McIntosh will also receive Certificates of Appreciation to display in their clinics during the week. National Infant Immunization Week posters also have been distributed throughout the counties.

Contact: Sue Taylor-Dunn, Leflore County Health Department, at 918-647-8601 or

Tulsa, OK

Date/Time: April 13, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Activity: Be Wise Immunize at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum

Description: Immunization event for children 18 years of age and younger. Free admission to Tulsa Air & Space Museum and Planetarium for child being immunized on event day PLUS 2 accompanying family members. Infant, child and teen immunizations available. Child must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian; must bring current immunization record. Transportation from several Tulsa Housing Authority apartment housing units available via Morton Comprehensive Health Center transit.

Contact: Katherine A. Sebert, RN, BA at 918-595-4514, , or visit

Pittsburgh, PA

Date/Time: April

Activity: Childhood Immunization Advertising Campaign

Description: We have incorporated two messages: “Love Them, Protect Them, Immunize Them” and “Immunizations Have the Power to Protect.” During the entire month of April, we are doing web and print advertising with Pittsburgh Parent and web advertising with Pop City. Pittsburgh Parent has a large following of parents and caregivers and Pop City’s website attracts 80,000 monthly visitors considered to be movers and shakers. 91% have college degrees or higher and fall between the ages of 25-49. They are in tune with important issues, forward thinking and embrace technology. Trends show an increasing anti-vaccine sentiment in this age population and also they think that vaccinations are just for kids. All ads lead viewers to our coalition’s website where another large ad when clicked on takes them to the CDC vaccine page. The coalition also has a scroller across their home page promoting NIIW. When clicked on, it takes the viewer to the NIIW home page. ACHD also has an immunization message on their home page. In addition we have a radio spot on Radio Disney during the week of NIIW.

Contact: Nancy Scopelitis, Allegheny County Health Department, 412-578-7959,, or visit

West Chester, PA

Date/Time: April 27, 11 am – 2 pm

Activity: Healthy Kids Day

Description: During the event, a table with a display board will emphasize NIIW. Educational materials in both English and Spanish, as well as give-a-ways, will be available.

Contact: Carol Jefferes, BSN RN, Chester County Health Department, 610-344-4018,, or visit

Providence, RI

Date/Time: April 20 – 27

Activity: A Gift for Lucy — Children’s Book

Description: Rhode Island Department of Health partnered with a local charter high school, Rhode Island Nurses Institute Middle College, to create a children’s book. “A Gift for Lucy” is focused on pertussis and the cocooning project. The book features a family awaiting the arrival of a new baby; the young big brother learns the importance of being vaccinated to prevent his new baby sister from getting sick and leads the charge for the whole family being vaccinated. The printed book will be distributed during NIIW to new mothers in all 7 of Rhode Island’s birthing hospitals. The charter high school, the first of its kind for students going into the nursing or healthcare field, has been nominated for a community partner award and will be recognized during NIIW along with the book and the importance of infant immunizations.

Contact: Heidi Wallace, Quality Assurance Specialist, at 401-222-4631 or or visit

Beaumont, TX

Date/Time: April 22, 9 am – 3 pm

Activity: National Infant Immunization Week Mini-Health Fair

Description: The health department has planned a mini health fair with representatives from the Texas Health Steps Program, the WIC program, the Immunization Division, and the Colgate Dental van available to give out educational materials. A fire truck and a medical unit will be available in the parking lot for the children to see. The Immunization Division will also be available to administer vaccines and check records. This event will be announced via media.

Contact: Mary Alexander, RN, Beaumont Public Health Department, at 409-832-4000, , or visit

Brownwood, TX

Date/Time: April 20, 9 am – 1 pm

Activity: Kids Health Fair

Description: The Brownwood/Brown County Health Department will host a Kids Health Fair. Educational information on childhood immunizations and vaccine preventable diseases will be provided to parents and caregivers. Bounce houses, face-painting, games, and prizes will be provided for the children’s fun. Puppet shows will be held with puppet skits about health and safety. The police and fire departments will be represented to provide educational information regarding safety.

Contact: Donna Miller, Brown County Health Department, at 325-646-0554,, or visit

Edinburg, TX

Date/Time: April 1 – May 31

Activity: Tdap Coupon for WIC Mommy

Description: WIC mothers will receive Tdap coupons to obtain a free Tdap vaccine at a public clinic. Close contacts will only pay $5. Additionally, education from WIC nurses and public nurses will help to spread pertussis awareness in the community. A goodie bag full of educational materials will be issued to mothers.

Contact: Delia Garza at 956-383-6221,, or visit

Edinburg, TX

Date/Time: April 25, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm

Activity: Texas Vaccines for Children Binational Conference

Description: The conference will include speakers presenting on immunization topics. Dr. Ray Strikas from CDC will be presenting on Immunization Updates and Administration Techniques. Speakers from Mexico will also be presenting on Mexico Immunization Updates. Other topics will consist of EVI updates, ImmTrac, Surveillance, and parent pertussis advocate Ms. Veronica McNally. The conference will be held at The University of Texas Pan American.

Contact: Delia Garza at 956-383-6221,, or visit

Richardson, TX

Date/Time: April 22, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Activity: Free Immunizations for WIC clients and their siblings

Description: Free immunizations will be offered for children who are WIC patients and their siblings. Participants must be VFC eligible. Your child is eligible if he/she has Medicaid, does NOT have insurance, has insurance that does not cover vaccines, or is an American Indian or Alaskan Native.

Contact: Lynda Shirley, Caring for Children Foundation of Texas, at 972 766 5484,, or visit

Temple, TX

Date/Time: April 21 – 27

Activity: NIIW Activities

Description: Activities for NIIW include: Faith Day announcement at the pulpit on 4/21; Mother’s Day Out Educational information & bag give-away on 4/22; Every Child by Two (bags and information) at local provider on 4/23; Way Back Wednesday Headstart participants receive bags and educational material on 4/24; Thirsty Thursday WIC’s participants receive bags and educational material on 4/25; and Sunny Saturday customers at Motherhood Maternity in a Killeen, TX mall will receive bags and educational material on 4/27.

Contact: Lynn Ponsonby, Texas Department of State Health Services, 254-771-6765, , or visit

Tyler, TX

Date/Time: April 22, 5 – 7 pm

Activity: NETHealth Immunization Coalition Speaker Program

Description: We will have a dinner Speaker Program with an area pediatrician as the speaker on “The Importance of Childhood Immunizations” in our effort to eradicate vaccine-preventable diseases.

Contact: Sylvia Warren, Northeast Texas Public Health District, at 903-510-5604,, or visit

Fairfax, VA

Date/Time: April 24, 10:30 am

Activity: It’s Wise to Immunize Puppet Presentation

Description: Pohick Regional Library, located on 6450 Sydenstricker Road in Burke, will host the Health Department puppet presentation to highlight the importance of childhood immunizations. Adult attendees will complete an educational immunization survey.

Contact: Christine Carlock, RN, Beaumont Fairfax County Health Department, at 703-246-8648,, or visit

Seattle, WA

Date/Time: April 23, 7:30 – 9 pm

Activity: Seth Mnookin & Seattle Mama Doc Wendy Sue Swanson: Vaccine Myths, Parents & Modern Health Information

Description: Seth Mnookin, author of The Panic Virus, and Seattle Mama Doc blogger Wendy Sue Swanson, a practicing pediatrician at the Everett Clinic and staff member at Seattle Children’s Hospital, discuss how parents can find accurate health information and make the right vaccine decisions for their families. For info and tickets ($5), see This public event will be held at Town Hall Seattle, 155 NE 100th Street, Suite 500, and will be preceded by a private reception for Immunization Action Coalition of Washington members.

Contact: Ginny Heller, Immunization Action Coalition of WA, at 260-830-5168, or visit

Yakima, WA

Date/Time: April 23, 7:30 am

Activity: 4th Annual Vaccine Safety & Issues Program

Description: Special speakers Dr. Andrew Kroger from the CDC and Dr. David Fregeau from Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital in Spokane, WA, will address adult and adolescent immunization issues.

Contact: Ruth Rosenkranz, Central Washington Vaccine Preventable Disease Coalition, at 509-961-4246, or visit

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International Activities

2013 International Activities


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Activity: Clinical Specialist Outreach Program

Description: Community empowerment towards World Immunization Week

Contact: Achamelysh Asrat,


Naucalpan, Estado de México

Date/Time: April 16

Activity: Radio program

Description: National broadcast radio program on “Parejas Disparejas y la Familia” will focus on Dtap, MMR, and HPV vaccines

Contact: Dr. Jaime H. Micher Camarena,

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