Workforce Improvement Projects Promoting Immunization Training for Healthcare Providers

Workforce Improvement Projects (WIPs) are public health practice projects proposed and funded by CDC programs and conducted by Academic Partnerships to Improve Health (APIH)’s academic partner associations or their member colleges and universities. WIPs:

  • Promote the development of the health workforce in various areas of public health practice

These projects focus on improving the health of populations while engaging the existing workforce and future health professionals in various areas of public health practice.

Examples of Workforce Improvement Projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating an academic public health curriculum
  • Developing training courses for the existing workforce

Immunization Education Related Resources for Healthcare Educators

IRUN logo for Immunization Resources for Undergraduate nursing
Immunization Resources for Undergraduate Nursing (IRUN)


Description: Free immunization teaching resources for prelicensure nursing education. The IRUN project seeks to improve the integration of immunization content in prelicensure nursing education through the development of a curriculum framework, curriculum mapping tool, and teaching resources (case studies, simulation scenarios, and Vaccine-Preventable Disease Slide Sets). These resources were developed through a cooperative agreement between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research (APTR).