Training Opportunities – Speaker Requests

NCIRD offers dynamic speakers to cover a wide range of immunization topics at meetings, conferences, grand rounds, and other events.  Our training is usually intended for health care providers and we offer customized training to meet your needs with various types of presentations available.

Note: this office cannot provide trainings related to the novel coronavirus or Covid vaccines at this time. To request a presentation on coronavirus vaccine, please reach out to the Coronavirus Vaccine Task Force via email to

If you would like to request an NCIRD speaker, please complete and submit our Speaker Request Form  or send an e-mail to for additional information.

Please visit our Immunization Education and Training web page to learn about additional training opportunities.

On-site Presentation

You can request an on-site speaker from CDC/NCIRD.  They will travel to your location and all travel is funded by CDC.  We cannot accept any sponsored travel.  To justify travel costs, we usually require a minimum of 150 participants for an on-site speaker.

Please submit your request as early as possible even if you have not determined the exact dates for your training.  We can normally adjust the dates if needed, once we have the trip approved.

Distance Learning Presentation

CDC/NCIRD speakers are available to provide remote presentations from Atlanta using web- and audio-based technologies, including webinars, webcasts, phone bridge lines, and netconferences. Distance learning events can be requested at any time and are generally easy to set up. There are no audience size requirements or limits. These are becoming very popular, especially with our limited travel budget.

Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases (Pink Book) Courses

These live, on-site courses (normally two to two and a half days) are intended for state, county, and regional immunization programs and speaker travel is funded by CDC. Only a limited number of these on-site courses can be presented each year, so please plan well in advance. We usually require a minimum of 250 participants for these courses.

Upcoming Pink Book Courses

  • No courses scheduled at this time.