Motor Vehicle Prioritizing Interventions and Cost Calculator for States (MV PICCS)

Cost Calculator for States

Use the online calculator: MV PICCS 3.0

CDC’s redesigned interactive calculator, MV PICCS 3.0 (Motor Vehicle Prioritizing Interventions and Cost Calculator for States—pronounced MV “picks”) can help state decision makers prioritize and select from 14 effective motor vehicle injury prevention interventions. MV PICCS 3.0 calculates the expected number and monetized value of injuries prevented, lives saved, and the costs of implementation, while taking into account available resources. The tool includes easy access to intervention fact sheets and a user-friendly interface. Users can save or print sharable reports with MV PICCS results.

Example of How MV PICCS Works

Below is an example of how MV PICCS works using a medium-sized state. Different scenarios are showcased to analyze the cost of implementing strategies with or without fines and fees.

A medium-sized state has $1 million to implement proven interventions for motor vehicle injury prevention. The state uses CDC’s MV PICCS to get state-level recommendations on which interventions would prevent the most injuries, save the most lives, and be the most cost effective. The state uses this information to help inform decision making.

Recommended Interventions

The calculator uses any fine and fees generated by the selected interventions to supplement the state’s $1 million budget.

MV PICCS recommends four interventions:

  • Alcohol Ignition Interlocks
  • Increased Fines for Seat Belt Use
  • Universal Motorcycle Helmet Laws
  • High-Visibility Enforcement for Seat Belts and Child Restraint and Booster Laws

MV PICCS Lists Potential Injuries Prevented, Lives Saved, Cost, and Revenue

MV PICCS estimates that these four interventions would:

  • Prevent 63 deaths a year
  • Prevent 3,845 injuries a year
  • Cost $150,000 a year
    • Revenue from fines off-set the intervention costs
    • $999,850,000 remains from the $1 million budget
  • Have a benefit of $190,150,000 a year
    • Monetary benefit of lives saved and injuries prevented

Providing Recommendations With or Without Fines

There have been discussions in the example state around the feasibility of using fines to implement other interventions. Therefore, the state wants to provide estimates for both scenarios (with and without fines being used to supplement the available resources/budget). The state tells MV PICCS to exclude fines and fees. Without fines and fees and with a $1 million budget, MV PICCS recommends alcohol interlocks and increased seat belt fine. MV PICCS estimates that increased seat belt fine and a bicycle helmet law for children would:

  • Prevent 30 deaths a year
  • Prevent 2,067 injuries a year
  • Cost $170,000 a year
    • $999,294 remains from the $1 million budget
  • Have a benefit of $95,870,000 a year
    • Monetary benefit of lives saved and injuries prevented

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The MV PICCS widget provides each state with:

  • A summary of which of the 14 evidence-based interventions are currently being used as well as the ones that could be implemented.
  • An overview of the potential benefits of strategies not currently being implemented.
  • Information about each intervention such as:
    • number of injuries that could prevented,
    • number of lives that could be saved,
    • monetary benefit, and
    • cost to implement.
  • An interactive map to compare the status of each strategy across all states.