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Comprehensive Interview Record (CIR) (updated 2011)

  1. Comprehensive Interview Record (CIR) Templatepdf icon – blank copy
  2. CIR Codespdf icon (updated November 2011)
  3. CIR Instructionspdf icon (updated November 2011)
  4. Contact Continuation Template (CCT)pdf icon – supplemental page for additional contacts, social contacts, and associates
  5. CIR Tutorialppt icon (updated November 2011)
  6. All CIR Fileszip icon – download all CIR files in a zipped file (updated November 2011)

Comprehensive Field Record (CFR) (updated 2011)

  1. Comprehensive Field Record Template (CFR)pdf icon – blank copy
  2. CFR Codespdf icon
  3. CFR Instructionspdf icon
  4. CFR Tutorialppt icon
  5. All CFR Fileszip icon– download all CFR files in a zipped file

Cluster Interview Template (CIT) (updated 2011)

  1. Cluster Interview Template (CIT)pdf icon – blank copy
  2. CIT Instructionspdf icon
  3. Pursue and Cover: Cluster Interview Questionspdf icon
  4. CIT Tutorialppt icon
  5. All CIT Fileszip icon – download all CIT files in a zipped file

Interview Record for Gonorrhea/Chlamydia (GC_CT)

  1. GC_CT Interview Recordpdf icon – Blank copy
  2. GC_CT Instructionspdf icon – Bubbled, long texted copy

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