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Britton began taking opioids prescribed by his doctor at age 19 after sustaining a severe shoulder injury while serving in the U.S. Army. By age 22, Britton was addicted. Britton’s opioid use disorder was compounded by his wife’s substance use disorder and his relationships with fellow Veterans who misused prescription opioids. During the 11 years that Britton struggled with opioid use disorder, he separated from his wife, who ultimately passed away due to complications from her drug use, and lost custody of his children.

In 2018, Britton was arrested, jailed, and referred to Veterans Treatment Court, a Veterans-only courtroom that provides an alternative to incarceration. He credits the structured therapy program with helping him get into and stay in recovery. Britton is now re-married, raising his children, and aspiring to accomplish his personal and professional goals. Britton hopes that his story can help illustrate the fact that opioid addiction can happen to anyone. He wants to show others facing this disease that help is out there and that “light is at the end of the tunnel.”

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Recovery is amazing - you get to a place where you're proud of yourself again.

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Recovery is amazing - you get to a place where you're proud of yourself again.

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Britton’s sister, Sandra, shares her story. She wants others to know that people with opioid use disorder are not “bad” and that addiction can happen to any family.

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