Anti-Rabies Virus Conjugates Supply Update

Posted: November 17, 2010

laboratory worker examining test results with a microscope

In the U.S., the national standard protocol for post-mortem diagnosis of rabies requires the use of two anti-rabies virus conjugates (containing different antibodies) in each test.

Although there are five commercial anti-rabies virus reagents available in the U.S., three products (Fujirebio Diagnostics 800-092, Millipore Corporation 5500, and Millipore Corporation 6500) contain the same antibodies, and therefore may not be used together in a diagnostic test. This limits pairing options for one of the aforementioned products with Millipore Corporation 5100 or Millipore Corporation 5199. When supplies of rabies conjugates are in short supply, the ability to perform reliable rabies diagnosis is affected.

Recently, CDC was informed that some public health laboratories have encountered problems obtaining Millipore Monoclonal Anti-Rabies DFA Reagent (5100), which was on backorder. According to the manufacturer, there is now a sufficient supply available, and backorders are being filled promptly.

Please contact CDC if you should encounter problems related to this or other rabies diagnostic issues.

CDC Rabies Program: (404) 639-1050.