Electron microscopy

The ultrastructure of viruses can be examined by electron microscopy. Using this method, the structural components of viruses and their inclusions can be observed in detail. Rabies virus is in the family of Rhabdoviruses. When viewed with an electron microscope Rhabdoviruses are seen as bullet-shaped particles.

Electron microscope image of rabies virus budding from an inclusion into the endoplasmic reticulum in a nerve cell

Rabies virus budding from an inclusion (Negri body) into the endoplasmic reticulum in a nerve cell. A = Negri body. B = abundant RNP in the inclusion. C = Budding rabies virus.

Electron microscope image of negatively stained Rhabdovirus

Negatively stained Rhabdovirus as seen through an electron microscope. Notice the bullet shape of the virus (A). See the "bee hive" like striations of the RNP (B). Notice the glycoprotein spikes in the outer member bilayer (C).

Electron microscope image of ribonucleoprotein

Ribonucleoprotein - notice the abundant strands of coiled RNP (almost everything in the image is RNP).