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September 28 is World Rabies Day, a global health observance that seeks to raise awareness about rabies and enhance prevention and control efforts. First co-sponsored by CDC and the Alliance for Rabies Control (ARC) in 2007, World Rabies Day has been celebrated in countries throughout the world, including the U.S.

World Rabies Day is an excellent time to take steps that can help prevent and control rabies, such as vaccinating pets including dogs and cats and providing education on how to avoid the animals that typically transmit rabies: raccoons, bats, skunks, and foxes.

Presentation: CDC’s Rabies Experts, Preventing Rabies Across the Globe

	Image of world rabies day, preventing rabis across the globe.

This presentation shows a sample of all the work the CDC Rabies Team does in the United States and throughout the world – to support rabies surveillance, lab diagnostics, medical and veterinary care, and education to prevent and control rabies.

Download Presentation [PDF - 5.86MB]

World Rabies Day is September 28

Image of three dogs being taken for rabies shots.September 28 Learn How You Can Prevent and Control Rabies Every Day.

Whether you are a pet-owner, a parent, an outdoor adventurer or a backyard explorer, there are steps you can take to keep yourself and your family free from rabies throughout the year. Look for events in your area that provide an opportunity to celebrate World Rabies Day and get the facts on rabies prevention and control.

Archived World Rabies Days Symposiums

Global Rabies Control Blogs

In his latest of several blogs about rabies, September 28 is World Rabies Day, Veterinary Epidemiologist Ryan Wallace describes how the threat of rabies differs around the world and what CDC’s Rabies Program is doing to reduce this threat and save lives.

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  • What is Rabies? (2014)
  • Rabies Control: Three Months, Three Continents, Part 1 (2013)
  • Rabies Control: Three Months, Three Continents, Part 2 (2013)

Getting Communities Involved

Preventing and controlling rabies begins at the community level, where people can take the necessary steps to keep themselves, their family, and their pets free from rabies. Community health officials play an instrumental role in making sure people have the ability to take action and learn just how deadly rabies can be.

CDC has developed resources that can help public health officials in all states and communities plan World Rabies Day events and spread the word about the best ways to help make sure people and animals are not burdened by this deadly disease.

World Rabies Day eMedia

World Rabies Day logo with family walking with dog.

For your website or social media page, buttons and badges are now available to share and let others know what you have done to help avoid rabies. 

Image of videw, Street Dog. Dogs in Jamshedpur, India.

Watch Video: Street Dog

There are over 375 million street dogs in the world. Street Dog is about just one. This short film looks at what life on the streets is like for dogs and how, effective, humane population control can improve the human-animal relationship, helping to create safer communities. Filmed over a few days in Jamshedpur, India.