Limited Voluntary Recall on Rabies Vaccine Batch

Posted: April 21, 2010

syringe and vials of medicine

RabAvert Kit Batch #458011A, Diluent Vial Batch #927011

Novartis Vaccines is implementing a voluntary market withdrawal of this single batch as the stopper and the metal crimp dislodge from the vial completely when removing the protective cap. A low percentage of diluent vials exhibit this issue. This is a precautionary action taken by Novartis as they have no evidence that the quality of the diluent is compromised as long as the stopper is not removed from the diluent vial. For patients who have received vaccine from this batch, no additional actions, such as revaccination, are required.

The vial of lyophilized rabies vaccine contained in these kits is not affected, but all RabAvert should be returned as complete kits. Only the above-listed batch is subject to this voluntary market withdrawal; all other RabAvert batches are unaffected and safe for use. Customers are requested to contact Novartis Vaccines Customer Service to arrange for product return.

For additional information, see:
Novartis RabAvert Customer Letter pdf icon[PDF – 61 KB]