Build Planning Teams and Coalitions

Download Chapter 2

Worksheets and Templates

Chapter 2 of the Community Planning Framework for Healthcare Preparedness (CPF) provides the following worksheets and templates to aid in the building of planning teams and coalitions.

Develop Your Planning Team

    • Identify Your Initial Planning Team
      • Worksheet 2.1 – Initial Planning Team
    • Identify Additional Planning Team Members
      • Worksheet 2.2 – Additional Planning Team Member
    • Identify Sectors and Subsectors in Your Community
      • Worksheet 2.3 – Sector/Subsector Representation
    • Identify Planning Team Tasks
      • Worksheet 2.4 – Planning Team Tasks

Develop Your Healthcare Coalition

    • Identify Steps to Form Your Community Coalition
      • Worksheet 2.5 – Our Approach to Coalition Building
    • Identify Sectors and Subsectors Your Coalition Should Include
      • Worksheet 2.6 – Sector/Subsector Representation on Community Coalition
    • Identify and Contact Coalition Representatives
      • Worksheet 2.7 – Potential Coalition Members
      • Worksheet 2.8 – Actual Coalition Members
    • Conduct a Community Assessment and a Hazard Vulnerability Assessment
      • Worksheet 2.9 – Community Assessment Issue Identification
      • Worksheet 2.10 – Scenarios Likely to Impact Your Community

Additional Planning Tools

In addition to the worksheets and templates found in the CPF, HPA has developed the following tools that may also assist you.