Next Gen PHEP

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CDC launched the Next Generation of PHEP (Next Gen PHEP) initiative in 2020 to prepare the country for future public health emergencies. Next Gen PHEP aims to

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Preserve the foundation: Support basic capacities and capabilities that accelerate state, local, and territorial (SLT) responses to emergencies, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Revolutionize for the future: Integrate the knowledge learned and experience gained from recent events.

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Provide agility in response: Formalize a change management process for modifying PHEP requirements and supporting local response efforts during an emergency.

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DSLR is keeping pace with changes in the field and the needs of SLT jurisdictions by modernizing PHEP based on lessons learned from the COVID-19 response and other recent events. The goal is to protect and enhance the health of communities nationwide. Next Gen PHEP is evolving to meet the challenges of future public health threats and responses so we can better respond to future pandemics and improve health. Next Gen PHEP improvements will have potentially far-reaching implications. Findings and recommendations may impact:

  • CDC’s preparedness and response capability standards,
  • The 2024–2029 PHEP notice of funding opportunity, and
  • Continuation guidance requirements and funding strategies.

Check back here for updates on how we are integrating new data, insights, and priorities from the COVID-19 response, PHEP recipient feedback, and partner input to transform the PHEP program.

The Next Generation of PHEP initiative advances PHEP for future responses to public health threats and strengthens community resilience. The initiative will provide a stronger foundation for PHEP responses to catastrophic public health emergencies.