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CDC developed the Online Technical Resource and Assistance Center (On-TRAC) to provide health departments with a secure, user-friendly platform for requesting technical assistance from CDC subject matter experts on public health preparedness. In addition to tools and resources to support CDC’s 15 public health preparedness capabilities, On-TRAC now offers answers to frequently asked questions, enhanced search engine capacity, expanded peer-to-peer exchanges (with regional workspaces), and more than 400 new resources.

State, local, tribal, and territorial public health professionals must be registered to access On-TRAC.

Instructions for existing SAMS (Secure Access Management System) account holders as well as how to request a SAMS account are included below.

Access On-TRAC at https://ontrac.cdc.gov.

New and Existing CDC SAMS Users

If you are a public health professional and need access to On-TRAC, please register for a SAMS account. If you are an existing SAMS user make sure you check the box at the top of the completed form.