Planning Resources by Setting: Physicians’ Offices

Healthcare Preparedness and Response Team Tools

  • Abbreviated Pandemic Influenza Plan Template for Primary Care Provider Offices: Guidance from Stakeholders
    This planning tool developed by CDC is intended to assist primary care providers (PCPs) and office managers in preparing their offices for quickly putting a plan in place to manage an increase in patient calls and visits during influenza seasons.
  • Pandemic Influenza Pediatric Office Plan Template Word Version
    This planning tool was created by CDC to assist pediatric medical offices that have no pandemic influenza plan in place, but may experience an increase in pediatric patient calls/visits or workload due to pandemic influenza. It can also be adapted both for use during pandemic spread of a novel respiratory virus and as a planning tool for future pandemic respiratory virus events.
  • Medical Office Planner
    The Medical Office Preparedness Planner is a tool for PCPs and office managers to use to develop a pandemic influenza plan for their office, and then integrate their plan into the broader community plan. Likewise, it can also help familiarize community partners, such as public health and emergency management, with the planning, preparations, and challenges facing PCP offices in the event of a pandemic. It can be tailored to any PCP office, regardless of size, location, or resources.