Am I Eligible to Apply to the PFA Program?

The Preparedness Field Assignee (PFA) program recruits and hires directly from CDC’s Public Health Associate Program (PHAP). PHAP is a highly competitive two-year workforce development training program for early career public health professionals. As CDC assignees to local and state health departments, PHAP associates work alongside public health professionals where they gain valuable hands-on experience while increasing the capacity of their host-site agencies. PHAP associates spend two years working in a respective public health program area, as determined by the host agency. Program areas include, but are not limited to, public health preparedness, environmental health, immunizations, communicable disease, global migration and quarantine, chronic disease.

Graduating associates from the CDC Public Health Associate Program are eligible to apply to the PFA program.

The PFA program seeks candidates with an interest in public health emergency preparedness and response who demonstrate the capacity to be flexible, work well as part of a team, and are socially and culturally inclusive when working with others.

The PFA recruitment process is structured to select the most highly qualified employees possible, based on merit, interest, and knowledge.  Specific experience in public health preparedness and response is not a prerequisite to applying.  Experience gained through PHAP at a state, local and national level, coupled with a foundation of public health knowledge and transferable skills related to project management, data collection and analysis, and program evaluation, allow PFAs to readily assimilate and make positive contributions to their host agency.

Recruitment for the PFA program traditionally takes place annually between March and May.

More information on the PFA application process can be found here.

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