PFA Application and Recruitment Process

The PFA program recruits and hires directly from CDC’s Public Health Associate Program (PHAP). Graduating PHAP associates are eligible to apply to the PFA program. Recruitment for the PFA program traditionally takes place annually between March through May. Each year, the PFA program works with PHAP to put out a call for applications to the graduating associates. Candidates are traditionally asked to submit their applications in early April.

The PFA program reviews all submitted applications and selects a smaller pool of the most qualified applicants, who then compete in two rounds of interviews with PFA program leadership. The recruitment process is structured to select the most qualified employees possible, based on merit, interest, and qualifications. The PFA program makes a focused effort to match the skill sets of selected candidates with the proposed activities included in the PFA host agencies’ letters of intent. Once the interviews have been completed, tentative offers are made to the selected candidates in late April, and CDC’s human resource office makes official offers in May. Host agencies are notified of PFA selection in May to enable them to have adequate time to plan for the PFA’s arrival in October.

PFAs at workstation