SEALS User Roles and Rights of Access

SEALS is designed to capture and store school sealant program (SSP) data in a format that allows multiple users to access that data, and to generate summary reports regarding SSP costs and impact. There are three levels of users: local SSP users, state users, and CDC users. Each user type differs by the information they can input into SEALS, rights of access, and the type of summary reports:

Local SSP users

Local SSP users will need to input information on schools served by their program; logistics of sealants delivery; per unit resource costs; and resource use and services delivered at each school sealant event. Local SSP users also have the option to input child-level data, including oral health status and socio-demographic characteristics. Local SSP users can create summary reports on the cost and effectiveness of their SSP and export their data for further analyses. Finally, local SSP users can create accounts for other personnel in their sealant program.

State Users

State users will need to create an account for state personnel who can access SEALS and for each sealant program in their state that will input information into SEALS. State users can create summary reports (for an individual SSP and all SSPs combined) generated from data input by sealant programs in their state.

CDC Users

CDC users include project officers and an administrator. Project officers can view SSP reports for all states. The CDC administrator can generate summary reports for a local SSP, a funded state, and all states combined. The CDC administrator can also view and export data for further analyses. In addition, the CDC administrator can create state user and local SSP user accounts.

THIS SUPPLEMENTAL MANUAL IS FOR STATE USERS. More details on user roles and access rights are provided in the SEALS State User Supplemental Manual Appendix, Section 1.

Viewing and Accessing SEALS

SEALS is designed to operate on desktop computers or laptops. It is not optimized for other mobile devices, such as tablets or cell phones. Viewing SEALS on your desktop is easiest when the resolution is at the higher settings (e.g., 1680×1050). Paper forms to collect information on schools served and each child (where applicable) can be found in the Appendix, Section 2, page 9 of this manual.

SEALS is accessed at:

After login with an email address and password, users land on the SEALS Home page. The home page provides contact information for state school sealant program administrators, who act as the first point of contact for SSP personnel with questions about using SEALS.