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2019 Annual NNDSS Infectious Disease Data Published

Finalized National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS) 2019 annual infectious disease data tables are now available through the data and statistics section of the NNDSS webpage. These tables provide detailed information about the data:

  • Table 1 displays reported infectious notifiable disease case counts and rates for the United States overall.
  • Tables 2a–2t display reported infectious notifiable disease state- and territory-specific case counts.
  • Table 3 displays reported infectious notifiable disease cases by month for the United States overall.
  • Tables 4–7 display reported infectious notifiable disease case counts and rates by age group, sex, race, and ethnicity, respectively, for the United States overall.
  • Table 8, a new table, provides the total resident population and population by age subgroups by reporting area (United States overall, Health and Human Services region, state, and territory) as a reference for population denominators used in rate calculations.

The list of national notifiable diseases for 2019 is available on the NNDSS website along with the respective national surveillance case definitions.

Streamlining NNDSS Data Submission

CDC is exploring ways to make it easier for jurisdictions to submit data using NNDSS. With data modernization opportunities in front of us, and many lessons learned from emergency response, NNDSS needs strategies that will reduce jurisdiction burden, streamline submission, respond to evolving data needs, and adapt to technology opportunities.

CDC has engaged MITRE, a federally funded research and development center, for recommendations. MITRE understands the NNDSS fundamentals and will reach out to jurisdictions for input as it develops recommendations. MITRE will apply its process engineering and information technology expertise to identify concrete, implementable changes that will have a positive impact. CDC anticipates being able to share MITRE’s recommendations in late summer or early fall 2021.

Reminder: New Timeline for 2020 NNDSS Data Reconciliation

CDC reminds jurisdictions that reconciliation of 2020 data is being pushed further into the summer. Reconciliation will formally begin in August 2021, with State and Territorial Epidemiologist signoff on the final data by October 29, 2021.

2020 Aggregate COVID-19 Case Counts:

CDC will ask jurisdictions to send final aggregate 2020 coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) case counts for inclusion in the 2020 National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS) annual tables instead of reconciling individual cases. The tables will include confirmed, probable, and total cases of COVID-19 among U.S. residents, with stratifications by jurisdiction, demographic characteristics, and month. CDC will share additional information once it is available.

Jurisdictions should plan to send their aggregate COVID-19 data to CDC and complete State and Territorial Epidemiologist signoff on the aggregate data by October 29, 2021, which is the same deadline for approval of 2020 data for all other NNDSS conditions.

eSHARE Webinars
eSHARE Training Webinars
July’s Topic: CSTE 2021 Virtual Conference Highlights

The NNDSS team canceled the June eSHARE to avoid conflicting with the CSTE 2021 Virtual Conference. Mark your calendar for the next NNDSS eSHARE session, scheduled for Tuesday, July 20, 2021, from 3:00-4:00 PM ET, which will feature highlights from the conference.

To join a webinar, please see your Outlook invitation or contact the CDC Electronic Data Exchange mailbox at edx@cdc.gov for login information

Message Mapping Guides Roundup
Tuberculosis and Latent TB Infection

The PHIN Vocabulary Access and Distribution System (VADS) Tuberculosis (TB) and Latent TB Infection Case Notification View version 6 is now available. It includes additional values for Gene Name (TB).

Message Mapping Guides Will Reflect NNDSS Website Update

The NNDSS team is updating all message mapping guides (MMGs) with new web addresses to reflect the new NNDSS website. Although these updates ensure that users can easily link to needed information, they do not impact the message format or content. The updated MMGs will be identified by an increment in the third component of the version number. The generic v.2.0.1 MMG will also incorporate the new data element prioritization format (R,1,2,3).

Congratulations to the following jurisdictions in production:
  • Guam for Genv2;
  • Idaho for COVID-19;
  • New Jersey for hepatitis;
  • New Mexico for Genv2 (COVID-19 only);
  • Oregon for TB; and
  • Vermont for Genv2 (COVID-19 only).

If you are interested in joining a cohort or onboarding an MMG, please email the CDC Electronic Data Exchange mailbox at edx@cdc.gov.

News You Can Use
News You Can Use
Spotlight: 2021 CSTE Annual Conference 

CSTE will hold a virtual conferenceexternal icon on June 13-17, 2021, that aims to connect public health epidemiologists from across the country to share best practices. Mark your calendars for the following presentations to get important updates and insights about NNDSS!

  • Developing Data Quality Reports or Tools at CDC for Jurisdictions to Use to Monitor Data Submitted to NNDSS
    • Presenting: Delicia Carey and Ruth Jajosky
    • June 14: 4:15-5:00 PM ET (Surveillance/Informatics II)
  • Increasing Efficiency of Onboarding for State and Local Public Health Agencies Sending NNDSS HL7 Case Notifications
    • Presenting: Michele Hoover and Danielle Tack
    • June 15: 2:15-3:00 PM ET (Surveillance/Informatics I)
  • NNDSS Progress and Future Directions
    • Presenting: Sara Johnston
    • June 15: 3:00-3:10 PM ET (Surveillance/Informatic III)
  • Working Together to Promote Jurisdiction Efficiencies to Send COVID-19 NNDSS Case Notifications
    • Presenting: Michele Hoover
    • June 15: 3:10-3:20 PM ET (Surveillance/Informatics III)
  • Developing Visualization Tools for CDC Disease Programs and Jurisdictions to Monitor Diseases Using the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System
    • Presenting: Michelle Lin and Yusheng Zhai
    • June 15: 4:15-5:00 PM ET (Surveillance/Informatics III)
State Implementation Status Map

This interactive map shows the status of state public health departments who are piloting, receiving technical assistance, onboarding, or in production for NNDSS HL7 case notification messages.


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