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Refreshed NNDSS Newsletter

NMI Notes is now Case Surveillance News ! The rebranded newsletter gives you the same great news and updates about the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS) but with a broader focus on case surveillance, a streamlined layout, and interactive features so that you can quickly find the information you need most. Email if you have questions or comments!

New NNDSS Website

The NNDSS team is excited to announce a new and improved NNDSS website! The new website makes it easier than ever to learn about case surveillance, access case definitions, and find other great surveillance resources. Bookmark the pages you find most useful! Email if you have questions or comments about the new website.

COVID-19 Case Notification Value Sets Reminder

CDC reminds jurisdictions to update their coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) case notification value sets. Please see the section “Message Mapping Guides Roundup” below for the latest value set updates.

New Date for Reconciliation of 2020 Data

Due to the ongoing demands of the COVID-19 response and the changes to the Message Validation, Processing, and Provisioning System (MVPS), reconciliation of the 2020 data is being pushed further into the summer. Reconciliation will formally begin in August 2021, with State and Territorial Epidemiologist signoff on the final data by October 29, 2021. Please see the “News You Can Use” section for additional information, including 2020 COVID-19 NNDSS data finalization.

Planning for Case-based Surveillance Systems of the Future

CDC has engaged the Public Health Informatics Institute (PHII)external icon to prepare recommendations about the technology, capabilities, and underlying standards needed to modernize case-based surveillance. To set direction for systems that are robust, nimble, efficient, secure, and ready to deliver data for public health action, PHII is integrating insights from:

  • public health epidemiologists,
  • surveillance system managers, and
  • technology experts.

These insights will help jurisdiction surveillance teams, system developers, and CDC programs design and implement the next generation of case-based surveillance systems. We anticipate being able to share more information about the results of this collaboration later this summer.

eSHARE Webinars
eSHARE Training Webinars
May Topic: Introduction to the New NNDSS Website and NNDSS Updates

Please join us for the May NNDSS eSHARE session scheduled for Tuesday, May 18, 2021, from 3:00-4:00 PM ET. The May eSHARE webinar will feature an introduction to the new NNDSS website and other NNDSS-related updates. Please note that we plan to cover content during the first 30 minutes of the webinar and allow additional time for questions.

May NNDSS eSHARE Agenda:
  • Welcome and Announcements
  • Introduction to the New NNDSS Website
  • Other NNDSS-related Updates
  • Questions and Answers

To join a webinar, please see your Outlook invitation or contact the CDC Electronic Data Exchange mailbox at for login information.

Message Mapping Guides Roundup
Coronavirus Disease 2019
Message Mapping Guides Will Reflect NNDSS Website Update

The NNDSS team is updating all message mapping guides (MMGs) with new web addresses to reflect the new NNDSS website. Although these updates ensure that users can easily link to needed information, they do not impact the message format or content. The updated MMGs will be identified by an increment in the third component of the version number. The generic v.2.0.1 MMG will also incorporate the new data element prioritization format (R,1,2,3).

Congratulations to the following jurisdictions in production:
  • Puerto Rico for Genv2 and
  • Kentucky for congenital syphilis and STD.

If you are interested in joining a cohort or onboarding an MMG, please email the CDC Electronic Data Exchange mailbox at

News You Can Use
News You Can Use
Spotlight: New 2020 NNDSS Data Reconciliation Information

Incorporation of all the NNDSS data streams into the Message Validation, Processing, and Provisioning System will make it easier for jurisdictions to reconcile their 2020 NNDSS data. Jurisdictions will be able to view and extract line lists and aggregate tables from the MVPS Portal. The portal will also allow State and Territorial Epidemiologists to sign off on the reconciled data online. In the current plan, jurisdictions will

  • receive access to line list and aggregate tables in MVPS in August 2021,
  • receive training on reconciliation procedures and MVPS in August 2021, and
  • sign off on final data by Friday, October 29, 2021.

During the 2020 NNDSS reconciliation timeframe, jurisdictions will finalize counts for 2020 COVID-19 data but will not perform a reconciliation process. CDC will include COVID-19 data in the 2020 NNDSS annual tables based on final 2020 aggregate counts provided by the jurisdictions through a separate process. The tables will include confirmed, probable, and total cases of COVID-19 among U.S. residents, with stratifications by jurisdiction, demographic characteristics, and month.

The process will focus on collecting aggregate 2020 COVID-19 case counts, rather than reconciling individual cases:

  • CDC will provide jurisdictions with a template and instructions.
  • Jurisdictions will submit their final counts to CDC in the template.
  • State and Territorial Epidemiologists will sign off on the aggregate COVID-19 case counts.
  • CDC will use the aggregate counts in the NNDSS annual tables.

The NNDSS team is collaborating with the CDC COVID-19 Response on the details of this process and will share more information once it is available.

Jurisdictions should plan to send their aggregate COVID-19 data to CDC by October 29, 2021, which is the same deadline as for all other NNDSS conditions.


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