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NIOSH Hearing Loss Prevention Publications and Related Resources

You can search for NIOSH publications and products through NIOSHTIC-2. NIOSHTIC-2 is a searchable bibliographic database of occupational safety and health publications, documents, grant reports, and journal articles supported in whole or in part by NIOSH. The following links provide customized NIOSHTIC-2 search results for noise and hearing loss prevention topics.

Publication Dataset: Trends in Worker Hearing Loss by Industry Sector, 1981-2010

The dataset for this 2015 publication included audiograms for the years 1981 through 2010. This includes the dataset analyzed in the published article, along with the article reference, abstract and description of data collection efforts.

Publication Dataset: Prevalence of Hearing Loss in the United States by Industry

The dataset for this 2013 publication included audiograms for the years 2000 through 2008. This includes the dataset analyzed in the published article, along with the article reference, abstract and description of data collection efforts.

NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluation Program Noise Measurement Database

Includes noise measurement results collected during NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluation (HHE) surveys from 1996 through 2012.

Power Tools Sound Power Database

Contains sound power levels and vibrations data for a variety of common power tools that have been tested by researchers.

The NIOSH Power Tools Sound Power Dataset does not include a comprehensive list of manufacturers or products in the categories listed. The products and manufacturers listed were chosen based on criteria such as the most sold and power tools that were available for purchase online and in retail stores as of 2011. NIOSH conducted tests on the sound levels and functionality of each product and developed the dataset as a demonstration project. Mention of any company or product is for informational purposes and does not constitute endorsement by CDC, NIOSH.

Sound Level Meter App

The NIOSH Sound Level Meter (SLM) app allows users to measure sound levels for free on any iOS device. The app informs users whether the sound level is hazardous and explains what the sound level readings mean. Learn more about the app or download directly from iTunes.

Hearing Loss Simulator

The NIOSH Hearing Loss Simulator is a software training and communication tool for promoting hearing loss prevention. It allows a user or trainer to demonstrate the effects of noise exposure on hearing without experiencing an actual noise-induced hearing loss.

Practical Guide for Preventing Occupational Hearing Loss

This NIOSH guide is intended to assist employers in developing and maintaining hearing loss prevention programs. It provides practical information and guidelines on the eight major components of a hearing loss prevention program: (1) noise exposure monitoring, (2) engineering and administrative controls, (3) audiometric evaluation, (4) use of hearing protection devices, (5) education and motivation, (6) record keeping, (7) program evaluation, and (8) hearing loss prevention program audit.

HPD Well-Fit System: Measuring How Well Earplugs Work

NIOSH developed the HPD Well-Fit™ system to create a fast and reliable fit-test system not anchored in proprietary technology. HPD Well-Fit™ measures the amount of sound reduction an individual worker receives from their HPD and identifies workers who are not sufficiently protected.

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