Commercial Fishing Safety: Current Partners and Links

Current Partners and Links to Commercial Fishing Safety

Partnership is one of the cornerstones of the NIOSH Research to Practice (r2p) model. The NIOSH Commercial Fishing Safety Research and Design Program is proud to partner with a wide collection of industry, academic, governmental, and non-profit groups to help achieve our goals and the NIOSH mission of safety and health for all workers through research and prevention.

B&N Fisheries trawler F/V Epic Explorer
B&N Fisheries Company

B&N Fisheries Company is a privately owned company headquartered in Seattle Washington.

NIOSH prototype E-Stop being tested on the Purse seiner F/V Lake Bay
Skipper Bud Marresse and the F/V Lake Bay
Skipper Cory Wilson and F/V Just In Case
Skipper Cory Wilson and F/V Just In Case
NIOSH AgFF Centers

The 7 NIOSH AgFF Centers are mandated to undertake research, develop prevention and education programs and provide consultation to constituents across the US in Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting.

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