Corrections Workers

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Corrections workers are responsible for enforcing facility rules and maintaining order. Their duties create an inherent risk for on-the-job injuries and illnesses. Research shows that corrections workers have high rates of injuries and illnesses. Illnesses stress, burnout, and mental health-related consequences.1

Who are corrections workers?

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Corrections workers include correctional officers, chaplains, healthcare providers, teachers, vocational instructors, drug treatment specialists, food service, and maintenance personnel. Corrections workers maintain institution safety and security by enforcing rules and regulations, facility security, and accountability of incarcerated persons.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate for correctional officers and jailers was 392,600 in May 2021.2 This estimate does not include other corrections workers.

What job hazards do corrections workers face?

Corrections workers face many potential job hazards, including:

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How is NIOSH working to reduce and prevent corrections workers’ injuries and illnesses?

Several NIOSH programs conduct research to protect corrections workers from workplace injuries and illnesses. One of these programs is the Emergency Preparedness and Response Program. They work to improve the safety and health of public safety workers on the front line of emergency response. They also work with other NIOSH programs like Public Safety to conduct research to prevent infectious disease transmission and exposure to illicit drugs and PTSD, suicide, and depression.

This research:

  • Provides insight into the effectiveness of current practices.
  • Identifies the barriers and risks corrections workers still face.
  • Informs the development and adoption of policies and interventions to better protect workers.

The Health Hazard Evaluation (HHE) Program also works to protect corrections workers from work-related illnesses. These evaluations identify health hazards in the workplace and provide recommendations for reducing hazards.

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