Features of TIM

TIM includes many features to help monitor enrolled participants. Organizations using TIM can:

  • Have participants self-enroll by texting a keyword to the campaign phone number or administrators can add participants
  • Personalize text messages for the population being monitored
  • Customize the monitoring period for a campaign or participant
  • Create multiple campaigns to monitor different groups
  • Remove or withdraw participants from monitoring
  • Provide campaign dashboard features with summary information on participant status including symptoms reported
  • Track status on alerts1 and who is working on those alerts
  • Have international phone capability
  • Send ad hoc “blast” messages to all active participants
  • Adapt to multiple languages including a Spanish workflow version (other language options available for Ebola and Marburg campaigns)

For more information, please contact us at timsupport@cdc.gov.

1Enrolled participants receive one or more text messages each day asking if they have symptoms consistent with an infectious disease outbreak currently under investigation. Jurisdictions are immediately alerted when a participant responds YES or when a participant fails to respond to message reminders. A dashboard feature allows jurisdictions to easily identify and follow up with individuals who are reporting symptoms or those who have been unresponsive.