Immunization Services Division (ISD)

Our Mission

The mission of the Immunization Services Division (ISD) is to protect individuals and communities from vaccine-preventable diseases through provision of federal funds and contracts to purchase vaccine, the provision of technical and financial support of immunization programs, provider and public education, and evaluation and research.

ISD administers the Vaccines for Children program, Section 317 immunization grants to state and urban area health departments; provides technical support and funding for immunization information systems, provides training and education to health professionals; conducts research to improve the uptake and delivery of vaccines; and evaluates program effectiveness through the National Immunization Survey.

Our Organization

Office of the Director (OD)

The OD coordinates the division’s program, policy and science activities of the 8 ISD branches and provides leadership for domestic programmatic activities. The OD has a director, two deputy directors, five associate directors (science, adult/health equity, policy, communications, and management/operations), and a chief medical officer.

Health Education and Communication Branch (HECB)

The Health Education and Communication Branch provides training and communication resources to vaccine administration and health care providers.

Partnership and Health Equity Branch (PHEB)

The Partnership and Health Equity Branch works with funded partners to increase vaccine equity, confidence, and demand.

Applied Research, Implementation Science, and Evaluation Branch (ARISE)

The Applied Research, Implementation Science, and Evaluation Branch conducts health services and economic research to understand and address reasons for undervaccination and vaccine inequities across the lifespan.

Immunization Operation Services Branch (IOSB)

The Immunization Operation Services Branch manages the Immunization and Vaccines for Children cooperative agreement and provides technical assistance to its 64 recipients.

Field Services Branch (FSB)

The Field Services Branch supports the ISD staff embedded in health departments across the U.S. in the funded immunization programs to provide on-site technical assistance for implementation activities.

Vaccine Supply and Assurance Branch (VSAB)

The Vaccine Supply and Assurance Branch (VSAB) oversees all aspects of vaccine purchase and distribution.

Surveillance and Epidemiology Branch (SEB)

The Surveillance and Epidemiology Branch provides scientific leadership on the measurement of vaccination coverage across the lifespan (to collect, analyze and disseminate accurate vaccination coverage data) and promotes use of these data for evaluation of immunization programs and policies at the national, state, and local levels.

Informatics and Data Analytics Branch (IDAB)

The Informatics and Data Analytics Branch leads the collection of high-quality data from immunization information systems (IIS) by providing technical assistance, implementing informatics resources and tools, advancing technology standards, and facilitating a national IIS surveillance system so that programs and providers have access to data needed to make the best immunization decisions.

Who We Are

See this chart [1 page] for ISD branch leaders.

Contact ISD

Phone: 404-639-8208