Coronavirus and Other Respiratory Viruses Division (CORVD)


Coronavirus and Other Respiratory Viruses Division (CORVD) aims to improve the health of people and communities by preventing illness, disability, and death from respiratory viruses through public health science and practice in the United States and globally.

Our Strategic Priorities:
  • Track and study respiratory viruses through surveillance, lab tests, and epidemiologic studies on infection, outcomes, and the efficacy of treatment and prevention
  • Inform public health action by developing and disseminating prevention recommendations for immunizations, non-pharmaceutical interventions, and therapeutics
  • Communicate effectively
    • Clearly convey information about viral circulation and impacts
    • Disseminate accurate information to counteract misinformation and disinformation
    • Establish channels of communication with partners and the public
Lab technician performing test
What We Do:
  • Surveillance: Monitor trends in medically attended illness, disease burden, and vaccine effectiveness for coronavirus and other respiratory viruses to inform vaccine policy and other prevention strategies.
  • Laboratory: Develop and implement laboratory methods for the detection and characterization of novel, emerging, and known respiratory viruses.
  • Epidemiology: Conduct epidemiologic studies on respiratory virus infection, transmission, outcomes, and effectiveness of treatment and prevention to inform clinical and public health actions.
  • Global: Implement and monitor the performance of respiratory virus surveillance systems and surveys around the globe, through training, ongoing technical support, laboratory strengthening, and continual monitoring of program performance.
Lab technicians reviewing data
Where We Work:

CORVD works with domestic and global partners including the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

Boy receiving shot from nurse