National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey


NHANES is one of our nation’s greatest health information sources! It is how we learn about the health and nutrition of adults and children in the United States.

The information NHANES collects is used to provide important health statistics. Public health officials, legislators, and doctors use the information collected in NHANES to develop good health policies, create health programs and services, and increase the knowledge about health concerns for the nation.

Here are just a few of the important questions NHANES data has helped answer.

  • What percent of adults in the U.S. have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes?
  • Are babies and children growing at a healthy rate?
  • Have people in the U.S. been exposed to harmful chemicals through food or other exposures?
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Mobile Examination Center

The first NHANES program began in 1960.  Since 1999, the survey has examined about 5,000 people in 15 different counties across the country each year.  Each participant makes an important contribution to the study, representing approximately 65,000 others in the country like them.  Learn more about NHANES history.

NHANES has wide support by many national and local organizations and universities.
See just a few of those who support our work.

Contact NHANES

If you have questions about NHANES, talk to our study representatives toll-free at 1-855-958-0631.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM EST.

For more information on NHANES visit the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey homepage.

Page last reviewed: July 22, 2021