National Health Care Surveys

How can my organization sponsor a new module or add questions to a future survey?

If you are interested in adding question(s) to address your own data needs that have public health significance, please contact us. Individual questions or modules may be sponsored by Federal, State, or local government agencies; educational institutions; or nonprofit organizations. We encourage joint proposals both within CDC, with other Federal agencies, and with groups outside the government. Costs are determined based, in part, on the number and complexity of data items to be collected, the required sample size, and the target population of health care providers or settings. Proposers must guarantee a minimum of one year of financial support for new survey content, plus additional funding for any cognitive, feasibility or pilot testing, and other start up activities that may be needed. The ability to add new content to our surveys may be limited by time and additional logistical considerations, such as other content cycling out of a survey. Typically, it takes at least a year to develop, program, and test new survey questions before data collection can begin.

Please direct your inquiries to:

National Center for Health Statistics
Division of Health Care Statistics
Attn: Division Director
3311 Toledo Road, Room 3490
Hyattsville, Maryland 20782
Or call (301) 458-4181.