National Health Care Surveys

National Health Care Surveys Registry Portal Frequently Asked Questions

NHCS Registry Portal Acronyms & Definitions Key

AAEVD Annual Active Engagement Verification Document
CEHRT Certified Electronic Health Record Technology
CY Calendar Year
EHR Electronic Health Record
MIPS Merit-Based Incentive Payment System
NCHS National Center for Health Statistics
NHCS National Health Care Surveys
NPI National Provider Identifier
PI Promoting Interoperability
POC Point of Contact
Registry NHCS Registry Portal
SAMS Secure Access Management Services
Actual Group A registration that requires a NPI number and is used to record an existing group practice’s intent to submit data to the NHCS Registry.
Bulk Upload A new feature that allows the registrar to submit all of their Provider/Group/Hospital Registrations at once by uploading a Bulk Upload spreadsheet to the NHCS Registry Portal.
Delegate A delegate is a temporary assigned registrar that is granted access to update the original registrars’ registrations. The delegate must have an ACTIVE account with no registrations.
Logical Group An organizational mechanism that allows the user to organize their affiliated Provider/Group/Hospital Registrations and does not require a NPI number.
Point of Contact The person we can reach out to when we are unable to contact the User. Unlike the User, this person does not have an account with the NHCS Registry Portal and is thus unable to manage the day-to-day operations of a registration.
Profile Information about a registrar.
Registrant(s) A provider, group, or hospital that has been registered by a registrar.
Registrar The person that registers registrants.
Registration(s) A registration is a collection of registrants.
Spreadsheet An Excel spreadsheet used to process a Bulk Upload that contains all registrants and registration information for a registrar.
User The person responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a registration, such as reaching out to the inbox on behalf of the registered Providers, Hospitals and/or Groups.