Virtual Community Reception Center (vCRC)

Following a mass casualty radiation emergency, public health professionals will play a crucial role in assessing and monitoring people potentially exposed to radiation or contaminated with radioactive material. This process, called population monitoring, will be conducted in community reception centers (CRCs).

Virtual Community Reception Center (vCRC) is a training tool that provides an overview of the CRC process for planners, managers, and potential CRC staff. vCRC is a self-paced program that uses a simulated 3-D environment, embedded video segments, an interactive process flow diagram, and customizable supporting resources to deliver a unique training experience for all users.

After completing the program, users will be able to:

  • Describe the process flow in a CRC
  • Identify the key stations in a CRC
  • Recognize essential services for each station in the CRC

To view the video, please download it using “Install” button on the vCRC video page.external icon

The vCRC Multipack DVD can be ordered through CDC-INFO on Demand.

Additional CRC resources can be found at Population Monitoring, Community Reception Centers (CRC), and Shelter Resources for a Radiation Emergency | CDC.

Page last reviewed: March 21, 2022
Content source: National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH), Emergency Management, Radiation, and Chemical Branch