Module 2: Screening for Autism

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Module 2: Screening for Autism

Interview: Comments on Getting Diagnosis: Caryn, Mom of Riley

Mother describes how she was alerted to her daughter’s delays when her older son was getting early intervention therapy. Highlights the importance of looking early for warning signs in younger siblings especially when an older sibling has delays.

Interview: Comments on Getting Diagnosis: Lynda and David, Parents of Wynston

Parents describe the preliminary screening results of their son via the M-CHAT and subsequent autism diagnosis and their difficulties interpreting due to son’s positive performance in all areas but language.

Interview: Mom of Gabriel, Nathan, & Ben

Mother describes the pediatrician’s recommendation to assess her son for early intervention and review by a developmental-behavioral pediatrician. Shows parental response to concerns about screening, importance of pediatrician referral, and potential role of early intervention in early identification.

Interview: Search for a Diagnosis and the Importance of Early Intervention, Mom of Ryan, Maren, and Liam

Mother explains the difficulties faced during what should have been the initial stages of diagnosis: her son’s diagnosis was delayed five months because of the pediatrician’s recommendation to “wait and see.” Shows parental experience following a pediatrician who did not respond to parental concerns or was not sufficiently trained.

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