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Educational Resources for Parents and Childcare Providers

For Parents

Web Pages

Measles: Make Sure Your Child Is Protected with MMR Vaccine
Web page summarizes how measles spreads, how to protect you and your child, and how to find help paying for vaccines.

FAQ about measles in the U.S.
Web page answers common questions about measles vaccine, how to know whether you are protected against measles, why people still get measles in the U.S., and more.

Easy-to-read Immunization Schedule

childhood immunization schedule

Recommended Immunization Schedule for Children (Birth through 6 Years) [2 pages]
Easy-to-read schedule of recommended immunizations for children from birth to 6 years, with descriptions of vaccine-preventable diseases on back side.

Useful Lists

Top 4 Things Parents Need to Know about Measles
Web page (with printer-friendly PDF) lists four most important facts about measles.

Fact Sheets

Measles and the Vaccine (Shot) to Prevent It


Measles: It Isn’t Just a Little Rash
Infographic depicts measles symptoms, including the serious health problems the disease can cause, but parents have the power to protect their children with MMR vaccine.

Protect Your Child from Measles
Infographic highlights CDC’s routine measles vaccine recommendations for children, including special vaccine recommendations for children traveling abroad.

Measles: More than just a little rash
This infographic details the symptoms of measles, how it is spread, and how it can be prevented – the MMR vaccine. Learn more about this serious disease.


Babies on the Move: Protecting Babies with Vaccination
In this animated 60-second video, you’ll see babies on the move with their parents and caregivers. As they come into contact with other people, babies can also be exposed to serious diseases, like measles.
60 seconds on YouTube

Measles – #Vaccines By the Numbers animated graphic
Despite a national MMR vaccination coverage level of nearly 92%, one child in 12 in the United States is not receiving his or her first dose of MMR vaccine on time. Measles outbreaks still happen in the U.S. and vaccines are the best protection for your child.

How Vaccines Work videos for parents:
How do bacteria and viruses make a child sick? And how do vaccines help fight them off? In this How Vaccines Work video, join baby Jack and his parents as they explore how germs make babies sick and how vaccines can help babies’ immune systems fight them off.


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Help him fight measles with the most powerful defense.

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For Childcare Centers and Providers

See the resources for parents, listed above, as well as the items below.


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Additional Vaccine Fact Sheets


Resources in Spanish

  • Algunos materiales de los CDC están disponibles en español.

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