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What LLS Fellows Do

LLS fellows perform service while learning. Protecting public health and safety is a team effort. It takes a multidisciplinary range of public health and scientific experts working together to address the public health threats we face in our communities and nation. Laboratory scientists play a critical role on this team. The LLS program gives PhD scientists a unique opportunity to go beyond the bench, engaging in guided instruction and hands-on problem-solving alongside the elite corps of public health professionals that protects America’s health and safety 24/7.

The LLS fellowship equips laboratory scientists with the skills and knowledge to become the next generation of public health laboratory leaders. Fellows conduct cutting-edge research, support rapid response to disasters and disease outbreaks, help investigate emerging health threats, and enhance the laboratory systems and practices essential for public health. LLS seeks laboratory scientists looking to take their careers to the next level while doing work that delivers real benefits to communities nationwide.