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Prepare Host Site Application

Your host site laboratory applicationhost site laboratory application is reviewed during the selection process and by fellow applicants as they choose labs to interview with during match. Here are tips to enhance your application:

  • Provide at least one well-described applied public health laboratory research project with publication potential that could be completed within the two-year fellowship. Multiple research project proposals are encouraged.
  • Describe projects that provide opportunities to build leadership and management skills.
  • Describe your laboratory’s quality and safety needs or other related experiential training opportunities through which an LLS fellow could further develop these skill sets and contribute to your laboratory.
  • Explain the breadth of training experience your laboratory and designated supervisors could offer a fellow, such as access to senior leadership and support staff (e.g., biostatistician), leadership experience, working with multidisciplinary teams, cutting-edge work, travel, and/or presentation opportunities.
  • Describe potential field experience opportunities, including collaborations with other laboratory or epidemiology partners.
  • Describe how your laboratory infuses training experiences or the working environment with diversity, equity, and/or health equity principles.