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Prepare Host Site Application

Applying to be a host site laboratory is a competitive process. Here are tips to enhance your application:

  • Provide several, well-described applied public health laboratory research projects that have publication potential and could be completed within the two-year fellowship.
  • Describe potential field experience opportunities, including collaborations with other laboratory or epidemiology partners.
  • Describe laboratory quality and safety needs of your laboratory or other related experiential training opportunities through which an LLS fellow could further develop these skill sets and contribute to your laboratory.
  • Explain the breadth of training experience your laboratory and designated supervisors could offer a fellow, such as access to senior leadership and support staff (e.g., biostatistician), leadership experience, cutting-edge work, travel, and presentation opportunities.
  • In addition to the general eligibility criteria, CDC laboratories must designate primary supervisors who are full-time employees (FTEs).

Pre-Match Eligibility and Application

The LLS program offers pre-match to ensure LLS fellows are matched with priority host sites in state, local, tribal, or territorial public health labs or to CDC laboratories wishing to financially support, or sponsor, an LLS fellow.  LLS fellow placement priorities in public health labs may vary among years based on the changing needs of the public health workforce and laboratory capacity.  All pre-match eligible host sites must submit high-quality host site applications to the LLS program through the routine application process, but do have an advantage of interviewing with fellows ahead of the regular match process.

Host site applicants for are eligible to participate in pre-match if a:

  • State, local, tribal, or territorial public health laboratory that has not previously hosted an LLS fellow
  • State or local public health laboratory that has previously advanced LLS match but was not assigned a fellow
  • CDC laboratory financially supports the LLS fellow position

Eligible host sites can apply for pre-match by providing a brief justification during the application process (as prompted in the online application system) for why their laboratory is eligible.