Apply to Host a Fellow

LLS fellow working with samples in lab.

By becoming a host site laboratory, your team can benefit from the addition of a high caliber scientist at no cost while providing an LLS fellow with the setting for an unparalleled laboratory training experience.

LLS fellows are exceptional PhD scientists with at least two years of post-doctoral experience. Fellows are trained by the LLS program in core public health competencies—such as leadership, laboratory operations, quality management, biosafety and risk assessment, and communications. The fellows add great value to any lab team. The supervision and mentorship you provide as a host site supervisor helps prepare the fellows to be laboratory leaders with like-minded values in laboratory science, quality, and safety; fosters long-term partnerships; and ultimately shapes the public health workforce.

Eligible host site candidates must:

  • Be a public health laboratory at CDC headquarters (in Atlanta, Georgia) or at another CDC location, or with a state or local public health jurisdiction,
  • Designate a primary supervisor who holds a PhD in a biological sciences field or a medical degree (MD), 5 or more years working experience, and has experience supervising postdoctoral-level scientists,
  • Designate at least one secondary supervisor with experience supervising postdoctoral-level scientists,
  • Have at least one year working in the branch (CIO) or agency of the LLS assignment

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What makes a good host site laboratory?

  • Provides opportunities for applied public health laboratory research
  • Enriches fellows’ training in leadership, lab quality management, and biosafety with practical experience
  • Supports participation in outbreak investigations or other service-learning field responses
  • Maintains routine communication with LLS fellow and LLS program