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Meet Laboratory Leadership Service (LLS) fellow, Randy Fowler, PhD, and hear how he works with epidemiologists to address the lab aspect of public health investigations and emergency responses. PhD scientists can apply through June 27! https://bit.ly/2ImfeNF

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As a Laboratory Leadership Service fellow, Caelin Potts, PhD, thrived in a dynamic learning environment, merging laboratory science with logistics to meet urgent public health needs. If you’re a PhD scientist with two years of work experience, you can apply now through June 27 to become a CDC laboratory leader. https://bit.ly/2ImfeNF

Meet Cecilia Kretz, PhD, a Laboratory Leadership Service fellow, and hear how her experience as a laboratory scientist assigned to New York City public health lab fueled her personal and professional growth. If you’re a PhD laboratory scientist ready to seize a new career opportunity, apply by June 27 to become a laboratory leader! https://bit.ly/2ImfeNF

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Watch Laboratory Leadership Service (LLS) fellow, Diana Riner, PhD, share how her outbreak response experiences helped prepare her for a leadership role in a state #PublicHealth laboratory. PhD #scientists who are ready to make a difference should apply now to LLS! https://bit.ly/2ImfeNF

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Envision your next career move working in a CDC or #PublicHealth laboratory, like Cecilia Kretz, a Laboratory Leadership Service fellow working in a New York City laboratory! PhD #scientists with 2 years of post-doctoral experience can apply now through June 27 to become a future #LaboratoryLeader! https://bit.ly/2ImfeNF

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Disease Detective speaking at EIS conference

Apply by June 27 to Become a Laboratory Leader with CDC’s Laboratory Leadership Service

The application period for the Laboratory Leadership Service (LLS) Class of 2020 is open! LLS fellows provide on-the-job service to CDC and state and local public health laboratories. Fellows learn through field experiences and domestic or international assignments and emergency responses.

“LLS is a great investment in my future career and I feel confident that I will be able to successfully integrate leadership, quality, and safety in any position I may take,” said Atanaska Marinova-Petkova, Class of 2017 Laboratory Leadership Service fellow.

LLS is closely aligned with CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) to promote interdisciplinary training, applied learning, and networking between laboratory scientists and epidemiologists. Apply now through June 27, 2019.