Basic Culture Media

Basic Culture Media

This course is part of the Microbiology Series.


This eLearning course familiarizes laboratory professionals with basic culture media used in the microbiology laboratory. Laboratory professionals review and contrast the various culture medias, describe the process of streaking a plate, identify types of colonial morphology and explain commonly encountered problems that occur with culture media.


At the conclusion of this eLearning, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish enrichment, differential, and selective media
  • Review the principles of the most commonly used media
  • Contrast various culture media
  • Describe the steps of streaking a plate
  • Interpret results on various culture media
  • Recognize the different types of colonial morphology
  • Identify commonly encountered problems with basic culture media
Continuing Education Credits (CEU)

This course does not offer P.A.C.E® credits. You may receive a course completion certificate without P.A.C.E® credits.

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