Partnership for Health - Medication Adherence

Partnership for Health for Medication Adherence (PfH-MA) is a brief, four-part medication adherence strategy for primary care providers to use with HIV-positive patients. Adoption of this strategy as a standard of care helps providers establish a partnership with patients and increases their knowledge, self-efficacy, and behaviors associated with adherence to antiretroviral treatment (ART).

photo of a doctor consulting with a patient in an examination room

About Partnership for Health-Medication Adherence

Partnership for Health-Medication Adherence (PfH-MA) is a brief (three- to five-minute), clinic-based, individual-level, provider-administered intervention emphasizing the importance of the patient-provider relationship to promote healthy patient behaviors. The intervention includes adherence messages delivered to the patient during routine medical visits and the use of posters and brochures conveying the partnership theme and antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence messages.

Intervention Goals

  • Improve adherence to antiretroviral therapy.
  • Achieve undetectable viral load.

Intervention Target Population

  • HIV-positive patients in primary care outpatient clinics who are antiretroviral treatment-experienced.

PfH-MA Training

This training has 1 component:

  • 30-minute eLearning module

A 30-minute Partnership for Health – Medication Adherence eLearning module is located in CDC TRAINexternal icon. The primary target audience for this course is physicians who treat people living with HIV; however, anyone providing medical care or other support services to this population may find the information in the eLearning module to be useful.

To view and register for scheduled classroom trainings:

  1. Access the National HIV Classroom Learning Center training calendarexternal icon hosted on Cicatelli Associates, Inc.’s (CAI’s) website.
  2. Pre-register for your selected course via the link provided in the training calendar.
  3. Complete your registration on CDC TRAINexternal icon as directed when you receive an email from the National HIV Classroom Learning Center. You must join the HIV CBA Learning Group and locate the HIV CBA Training Plan in order to complete your CDC TRAIN registration for a specific classroom session (step-by-step instructionspdf iconexternal icon are available).

To access eLearning modules, including classroom training prerequisite courses:

  1. Log-in to CDC TRAINexternal icon and access the HIV CBA Training Plan (step-by-step instructionspdf iconexternal icon are available).
  2. Select the module you wish to take.
  3. Launch the module or save the module for later.

To request that a classroom training be scheduled:

  1. CDC’s directly funded health department and CBO partners may request delivery of a CDC-supported training by submitting a request in the CBA Tracking System.
  2. Organizations not directly funded by CDC may contact their local health department for assistance in submitting a training request.

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact or

Implementation and Marketing Materials

The materials and resources listed below support the implementation and/or marketing of Partnership for Health – Medication Adherence by health departments, community-based organizations, and health care or other organizations. The resources are evidence-based and designed for cost-effective, scalable implementation.

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