Use these posters to raise awareness about recreational water illnesses and pool chemical safety among swimmers, caregivers of young swimmers, pool operators, and residential pool owners. Display the posters in highly visible public areas such as in bathroom stalls, shower areas, and diaper-changing stations at pools, hot tubs, and water playgrounds where patrons can easily see and read them before getting into the water. Laminated posters can be ordered for FREE via CDC Info On Demand.

Pool Operation

These posters are designed for pool operators and residential pool owners to provide information about using and storing pool chemicals safely. Display the pool chemical safety posters in areas where pool chemicals are used and stored, such as pool chemical pump rooms.

Pool Chemicals Safety: Use poster

English [PDF – 1 page] (8.5×11)
Español [PDF – 1 página] (8.5×11)

*Laminated Pool Chemical Safety: Use posters can be ordered for free via CDC-Info on Demand.

Swimmer Hygiene

These posters are designed for all swimmers and caregivers of young swimmers. They cover topics related to the steps for healthy swimming, including not swimming while ill with diarrhea and not swallowing the water.