These brochures aim to raise awareness about recreational water illness (RWIs) and are designed for distribution to all swimmers and parents with young children.

CDC Brochure: Share the Fun…not the Germs, and Make a Healthy Splash!
Make a Healthy Splash

Message: Full-color brochure highlighting a few easy steps that swimmers can follow to protect themselves, their families, and other swimmers from germs in the water.

Audience: Swimmers and parents of young children.


Order for FREE. These brochures can be ordered for free thanks to the generous financial support of the American Chemistry Council.

EPA Brochure: Before You Go to the Beach
EPA Brochure: Before you go to the beach

Message: It is important to know about the environmental conditions that affect water quality at the beach. This brochure tells you what you need to know about beach water pollution, the health risks associated with swimming in polluted water, and who to contact if you think the water at the beach is contaminated.

Audience: Designed for the general public.

Brochure: EPA Brochure: Before You Go to the Beach [PDF – 2 pages]

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