Make a Healthy Splash!

Make a Healthy Splash



Title: Make a Healthy Splash!

Germs can get into the water from poop or when they rinse off a person’s body or splash pad surfaces. Swallowing water containing germs can make you sick with diarrhea.

  • Sprayed water typically gets drained, filtered, and disinfected before being sprayed again.
  • Chlorine kills most germs within a few minutes, not instantly
  • Swim diapers don’t stop germs, poop, or pee from getting in the water.

Keep pee and poop OUT of the water.


  • Stay out of the water if you have diarrhea.
  • Shower before getting in the water.
  • Take kids on bathroom breaks or check diapers every hour.


  • Swallow the water.
  • Poop or pee in the water.
  • Sit or stand on the jets. Sitting or standing on jets can rinse poop off your butt.
Page last reviewed: May 4, 2022