Cleaning Up Body Fluid Spills on Pool Surfaces


Body fluids, including blood, feces, and vomit are all considered potentially contaminated with bloodborne or other germs. Therefore, spills of these fluids on the pool deck should be cleaned up and the contaminated surfaces disinfected immediately.

One of the most commonly used chemicals for disinfection is a homemade solution of household bleach and water. Since a solution of bleach and water loses its strength quickly, it should be mixed fresh before each clean-up to make sure it is effective.

Recipe for Bleach Disinfecting Solution

  • 9 parts cool water
  • 1 part household bleach

Add the household bleach to the water.

Gently mix the solution.

A listing of other approved commercial disinfectants can be found at the Selected EPA-registered Disinfectants pageExternal.

These disinfectants are effective when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  1. Block off the area of the spill from patrons until clean-up and disinfection is complete.
  2. Put on disposable gloves to prevent contamination of hands.
  3. Wipe up the spill using paper towels or absorbent material and place in a plastic garbage bag.
  4. Gently pour bleach solution onto all contaminated areas of the surface.
  5. Let the bleach solution remain on the contaminated area for 20 minutes.
  6. Wipe up the remaining bleach solution.
  7. All non-disposable cleaning materials used such as mops and scrub brushes should be disinfected by saturating with bleach solution and air dried.
  8. Remove gloves and place in plastic garbage bag with all soiled cleaning materials.
  9. Double-bag and securely tie-up plastic garbage bags and discard.
  10. Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water.
Page last reviewed: May 4, 2016