Environmental Cleaning in Global Healthcare Settings

At a glance

  • Best practices for cleaning in global healthcare settings.
  • A toolkit to help implement best practices.


The Best Practices for Environmental Cleaning in Healthcare Facilities: In Resource-limited Settings (above) provides guidance on best practices for environmental cleaning procedures and programs for use in global healthcare facilities with limited resources, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. It was developed as a collaboration between CDC and the Infection Control Africa Network (ICAN).

Continue down the page to find the companion Implementation Toolkit, available in English and Spanish.

For use in global healthcare facilities only‎

U.S. healthcare facilities should reference other webpages for environmental cleaning resources.

Printable version

Download the printable PDF of these Best Practices.

Implementation Toolkit for the Best Practices

This toolkit is a sister document to the best practices and aims to allow translation of the defined best practices into practical and achievable stepwise actions for global healthcare facilities in resource-limited settings, particularly low- and middle-income countries. The toolkit addresses facility-based environmental cleaning programs as defined within the best practices.

Kit de herramientas para la implementación de las mejores prácticas

Este kit de herramientas es un documento hermano del de las mejores prácticas y su propósito es que las mejores prácticas definidas se traduzcan en medidas graduales prácticas y alcanzables en los centros de atención médica mundiales en entornos con recursos limitados, particularmente en países de ingresos bajos y medianos. El kit de herramientas aborda los programas de limpieza ambiental a nivel de centro como se definen en el documento sobre las mejores prácticas.