Additional Requirement – 7: Executive Order 12372 Review

Applications are subject to Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs, as governed by Executive Order (E.O.) 12372. The order sets up a system for State and local governmental review of proposed Federal assistance applications. Applicants should contact their State single point of contact (SPOC) as early as possible to alert the SPOC to prospective applications and to receive instructions on the State process. For proposed projects serving more than one State, the applicant is advised to contact the SPOC for each State affected.

Click on the following link to get the current SPOC list: Indian tribes must request tribal government review of their applications.

SPOCs or tribal governments that have recommendations about an application submitted to CDC should email the recommendations to the Grants Management Specialist indicated in the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), no more than 60 days after the application deadline date. Include the NOFO number in the email.

CDC does not guarantee to accept or justify its non-acceptance of recommendations that are received more than 60 days after the application deadline. logo