Additional Requirement – 18: Cost Recovery – ATSDR

CERCLA, as amended by SARA, provides for the recovery of costs incurred for response actions at each Superfund site from potentially responsible parties. The recipient would agree to maintain an accounting system that will keep an accurate, complete, and current accounting of all financial transactions on a site-specific basis, i.e., individual time, travel, and associated cost including indirect cost, as appropriate for the site. The recipient would also maintain documentation that describes the site-specific response actions taken with respect to the site, e.g., contracts, work assignments, progress reports, and other documents that describe the work performed at a site. The recipient will provide the site-specific costs and description of response actions taken with the supporting documentation upon request by ATSDR. The recipient will retain the documents and records to support these financial transactions and documentation of work performed, for possible use in a cost recovery case, for a minimum of ten years after submission of a final financial status report, unless there is litigation, claim, negotiation, audit or other action involving the specific site, then the records will be maintained until resolution of all issues on the specific site. logo
Page last reviewed: June 29, 2021