World Health Day (April 7) Social Media Toolkit

Social Media Toolkit

Leading up to WHD – April 1-6

Save the date – join CDC and global partners in commemorating #WorldHealthDay on April 7. Share your #globalhealth story!

It’s almost #WorldHealthDay – April 7. Explore CDC’s #globalhealth resources to raise awareness for the health and security of people around the world.

As #WorldHealthDay (Apr 7) nears, find #globalhealth resources you can share – social media graphics, fact sheets, photos, and more.

Coming up on April 7 – we’ll be sharing stories from CDC around the world to raise awareness for #WorldHealthDay and the progress and challenges that remain for #globalhealth.

Share CDC’s Global Health Stories on WHD – April 7


Today is #WorldHealthDay, which marks the anniversary of the day @WHO was established almost 70 years ago. Today we’ll be sharing stories of progress and the work that remains to be done against #globalhealth threats like HIV, TB, cholera, polio, malaria, measles, Zika, & more.

Today is #WorldHealthDay! All day we will share stories from CDC around the world that highlight the progress made so far and the challenges that remain for many #globalhealth threats.


Some bright spots in @WHO’s 2017 World #Malaria Report 2017: more countries are accelerating towards elimination, and prevention tools, like bednets, are reaching more people at risk of malaria. #WorldHealthDay

Eliminating #malaria in the Americas is within reach. Read more in this @CDCFound blog: #WorldHealthDay

CDC and @PMIgov experts are among authors in special @AJTMH supplement on impact of programs to #endmalaria for good in Africa. Read the supplement here: #WorldHealthDay


Radio campaigns helped increase the number of people screened for HIV in Rwanda. Finding the “last positives” is critical to controlling the spread of HIV. Read more: #WorldHealthDay

TB and HIV are a deadly combination since TB is the no. 1 cause of death among those living with HIV. The good news is that we have effective treatment and prevention tools. Learn more: #WorldHealthDay


A new comprehensive plan will integrate evidence-based best practices to reduce #cholera deaths by 90% by 2030. #WorldHealthDay

With over 50+ years of work to prevent, detect and respond to cholera outbreaks, CDC continues to evaluate, adapt and promote effective measures to combat cholera. Find out more: #WorldHealthDay


Welcome to Poliopolis! CDC polio lab scientists have been hard at work developing and testing a new oral polio vaccine. Learn more about their efforts and this unique clinical trial: #endpolio #WorldHealthDay

Overcoming obstacles to polio eradication in Pakistan #WorldHealthDay

Measles, Rubella

More than 100,000 children worldwide are born with congenital rubella syndrome even though there is a cost-effective vaccine widely available. Learn more about this #globalhealth threat: #WorldHealthDay


#Zika is a significant public health challenge. CDC and partners continue to conduct surveillance and research activities around the world. Learn more about the fight against Zika: #WorldHealthDay

Other Health Threats

How do motorcycle couriers help to speed up accurate lab diagnostic for those in remote areas? Read about the work of @ridersforhealth: #WorldHealthDay

Pinpointing the cause of a mystery illness in Tanzania emphasizes the DETECTIVE in #diseasedetective. Read more: #WorldHealthDay

High levels of antimicrobial resistance are found in every region of the world. A champion initiative in Vietnam strengthens proper infection prevention and control practices. Read more about the response to #AMR: #WorldHealthDay

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